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Anonymous 💮Has very little to do with flowers as the article claims. It\\\'s a stamp you\\\'d see on homework or the equivalent of sticker charts in the US. People complain about cultural appropriation yet have no idea what 1/2 the emoji they use actually mean. Emoji used to be so important in Japan, that smart phones didn\\\'t sell well when introduced because they didn\\\'t have emoji. Now we\\\'ve messed them up so much emoji have fallen out of fashion there. Another example is 👷 It meant \\\"Sorry for the inconvenience of this construction area\\\" or, online\\ \"under construction / WIP\\\" That\\\'s why the worker was originally bowing. Westerners saw \\\"oh, that\\\'s a job. We should categorize the jobs together and add a lot more and make one for each gender and skin tone.\\\" Y\\\'all took something unifying & made it divisive. Considering the only job of this site is to provide meaning of amoji, the least you could do is provide a proper etymology. And don\\\'t argue, \\\"well, that\\\'s the popular usage now.\\\" 1, the popular usage changed largely due to sites like this (as well as manufacturers also not doing their research) & 2, most emoji now have various meanings depending on subculture. I.e., there are no globally understood meanings anymore. These definitions, and thus this whole site, is total BS. Literally all anyone had to do was ask 5 Japanese people and look further into any of the few on which there was disagreement. Hell, when Apple made them, they literally could have asked anyone at Softbank. 🤦

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2024-03-30 07:59:19