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👌🏽Význam a Popis

Behold the universally recognized "👌🏽" emoji, a symbol that exudes positivity and approval! Visually, this emoji presents a hand with the thumb and index finger forming a circle, while the remaining fingers are extended outward. The design varies slightly across platforms, and the color of the hand can range from a classic yellow to a diverse set of skin tones, catering to a broad audience.

The "OK hand" emoji holds deep cultural significance as it represents the universally understood gesture of approval, serving as a quick and concise way to convey agreement, satisfaction, or encouragement. Within the context of the emoji language, it is an essential tool for expressing positive emotions, fitting seamlessly among a vast array of expressive symbols.

However, the emoji 👌🏽 can have diverse meanings and connotations, which may vary based on the culture. For instance, in some regions of Europe, the Middle East, and South America, this gesture can be considered impolite or indecent. In American Sign Language(ASL), the same gesture represents the number nine. In certain Buddhist and Hindu societies, it symbolizes inner perfection, while in Italy, it may convey love or perfection. Additionally, in the United States, this gesture is associated with the letters "O" and "K," and this connection may have originated from a humorous editorial remark in the Boston Morning Post📰 during the 19th century.

In everyday conversation and social media exchanges, particularly on Twitter, the 👌🏽 emoji is frequently employed to express approval, confirm plans, or simply communicate a positive vibe. It is also a gesture to suggest a hole, in some situations has hidden sexual meaning.

So, whenever you need to spread positivity or give a digital nod of approval, don't hesitate to use the "OK hand sign👌🏽" emoji!

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👌🏽 (gesto OK: střední odstín pleti) = 👌 (gesto OK) + 🏽 (střední odstín pleti)

Význam symbolu emodži 👌🏽 je gesto OK: střední odstín pleti, souvisí s gesto OK, OK, ruka, střední odstín pleti, tělo, lze jej nalézt v kategorii emoji: "👌 Lidé a Tělo" - "👌 Gesto Rukou".

👌🏽 je sekvence modifikátoru Emoji, která se skládá ze dvou emodži, jmenovitě: 👌 (základna modifikátoru Emoji) a 🏽 (modifikátor Emoji). Existuje 5 typů modifikátorů Emoji tónu pleti, a to: 🏻, 🏼, 🏽, 🏾, 🏿. 👌 lze kombinovat s těmito modifikátory Emoji tónu pleti a vytvořit tak novou sekvenci Emoji, následující příklady jsou kombinace:

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🔸 Můžeme si věřit.👌🏽
🔸 Bez problému, vždy se na mě můžeš spolehnout.👌🏽
🔸 Vypadá to výborně! 👌🏽

🔸 👌🏽 = 👌 + 🏽

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Emoji: 👌🏽
Krátké jméno: gesto OK: střední odstín pleti
Codepoint: U+1F44C 1F3FD Kopírovat
Desetinný: ALT+128076 ALT+127997
Verze Unicode: Žádné
Verze Emoji: 2.0 (2015-11-12)
Kategorie: 👌 Lidé a Tělo
Dílčí kategorie: 👌 Gesto Rukou
Klíčová slova: gesto OK | OK | ruka | střední odstín pleti | tělo

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