This is the list of All Emojis, including 10 main categories and 110 sub-categories, with a total of 3781 emojis. This list includes the fundamental emojis and their variants (emojis with different skin tones, styles, etc.), so you may see the same emoji appear several times. We also have a list of fundamental emojis that excludes their variants, and you can click Fundamental Emojis to access it.

😂Smileys & Emotion169

😄Smiling Face14

😍Affectionate Face9

😛Face with Tongue6

🤔Face with Hand7

🤐Neutral & Skeptical Face16

😴Sleepy Face6

🤧Unwell Face12

🤠Face with Hat3

😎Face with Glasses3

😞Concerned Face26

😠Negative Face8

💩Costumed Face8

😸Cat Face9

🙈Monkey Face3



👌People & Body2261

🖐Open Hand66

👌Hand Gesture54

👈Pointing Hand42

👍Fisted Hand36

🤝Two Hands62

✍️Hand with Prop18

👃Body Part48



👨‍🍳Profession & Role492





👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Family & Couple337

👣Figure Symbol11

🐵Animals & Nature154








🌴Other Plants17

🍓Food & Drink136



🍕Prepared Food34

🍚Asian Food17





🚌Travel & Places218




Religious Place6

Other Places17

Ground Transport50

🚢Water Transport9

✈️Air Transport13



☂️Sky & Weather47