骆佳倩 Jiaqian Luo

骆佳倩 Jiaqian Luo

  • Business Development
  • Promotion Plan
  • Human Resource
  • Emoji Code:🧚‍♀

Mrs. Luo graduated from the Department of Logistics Management of Beijing Jiaotong University in 2012.

She mainly engaged in HR, copywriting planning and business docking.

She is responsible for the company's business connection, maintaining users, and actively promoting and shaping the brand image.

She is responsible for the work behind the website, formulating plans to provide effective support for the operation of the website.

She is responsible for special topics, copywriting planning, publicity cooperation and other work.

In 2019, Mrs. Luo began to be responsible for the Chinese editing of Emoji website, and Baidu partner promoted operation, she is also responsible for the operation of Chinese social media such as Weibo and Tieba.

Contribution and traffic increase to the website(%)

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