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Recently, Unicode consortium has updated the Emoji Candidates draft. Due to COVID-19, emoji proposing was disrupted for a period of time, submissions received before April 2021 will be returned to sender. At the same time, the submission form and process will be changing during that time. Submissions has been resumed after April 2, 2021.

Preview of emoji candidates

So far, there are 39 candidates have already been released. Even though these characters are not final, just candidates for inclusion in a future version of Unicode, but still we believe they are noteworthy. Let's take a look 👀:

Category: Smileys & Emotion

CLDR Short Name Proposal Sample
face with diagonal mouth L2/20‑219
saluting face L2/19‑400, L2/19‑396
face with peeking eye L2/19‑378
melting face L2/20‑072
face holding back tears L2/20‑064
face with open eyes and hand over mouth L2/19‑304
dotted line face L2/20‑223

Category: People & Body (part 1)

CLDR Short Name Proposal Sample
rightwards hand L2/19‑265
leftwards hand L2/19‑265
palm down hand L2/20‑213
palm up hand L2/20‑213
index pointing at the viewer L2/20‑212
heart hands L2/20‑211
hand with index finger and thumb crossed L2/19‑327

Meanwhile, there is a proposal for 25 new RGI sequences about handshake emoji 🤝 based on [rightwards hand] and [leftwards hand], which is a shift toward diversity.

Category: People & Body (part 2)

CLDR Short Name Proposal Sample
troll L2/19‑399, L2/19‑232
biting lip L2/19‑219
person with crown L2/20‑189
pregnant person L2/20‑190
pregnant man L2/20‑190

Category: Animals & Nature

CLDR Short Name Proposal Sample
empty nest L2/20‑217
nest with eggs L2/20‑217
coral L2/20‑220
lotus L2/19‑371

Category: Food & Drink

CLDR Short Name Proposal Sample
jar L2/20‑222
beans L2/20‑226
pouring liquid L2/20‑065

Category: Travel & Places

CLDR Short Name Proposal Sample
wheel L2/20‑216
playground slide L2/20‑215
ring buoy L2/20‑224

Category: Activities

CLDR Short Name Proposal Sample
hamsa L2/20‑218
mirror ball L2/19‑310

Category: Objects

CLDR Short Name Proposal Sample
identification card L2/20‑221
x-ray L2/20‑214
bubbles L2/19‑311
crutch L2/19‑379
low battery L2/19‑316

Category: Symbols

CLDR Short Name Proposal Sample
heavy equals sign L2/20‑225

The above are the candidates so far. Will there be more emoji candidates? who knows 🤔.

Let me once again emphasize that ⚠️these emojis have not yet been finalized, these new emoji candidates won't be included for sure. And if you want to submit your own emoji, please refer to our former blog post:《🐣How to make a new emoji?》

Hopefully we can use these emojis in 2022!