On World Emoji Day in 2021, Microsoft Design Team announced that they redesigned Microsoft emoji in a more fluent and 3D way to "support the new landscape of work".

The update this time is rather a big change to Microsoft emoji. As you can see, the previous emoji are designed in 2D with stroke. But this time, they become 3D (somehow like clay art) and make most of their emoji animated.

At the same time, Microsoft released 5 concept sketches to show a new working style during COVID-19, which can "signal our fresh perspective on work, expression, and the spaces in between."

🔺From left to right: multi-tasking, you're on mute, no camera day, parenting-while-working, the pajama suit.

What is more, in this redesign, the team replace the paperclip emoji 📎 in a familiar face: Clippy! (Long time no see!)

💡: Clippy, also called Clippit, was a simplistic virtual assistant who offered advice to Microsoft Office users, from 1997 and until the mid-2000s.

You can now use these emoji on Microsoft's social learning video platform Flipgrid and expected to be released to Microsoft products (Windows 11) over the coming year.

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