Have you seen these pictures before?

They look like the emojis but we can't find them in the Emoji keyboard. So what are they? Where to find them? How to use them? Well, this article will reply all these questions.

What are they?

They are called Animoji, a new feature added to the iphone X in 2017. Animoji can make a emoji "come to life" by giving it your voice and facial expressions. It means that when you talk, squeeze your eyes, open your mouth or make any other expression, Animoji will record your voice and mirror your facial expressions in real-time to produce a custom and animated emoji with your expression and voice, which can be sent as video with audio.

This system works through Face ID, the iPhone X's facial recognition technology, which will identify up to more than 50 different muscle movements to mirror our various expressions.

Animoji only lives in the devices that support iOS 11 and above, except iPhone SE 2. You can create your own Animoji and send it as a message to any of your contacts on the Messages app. It can also be used to replace your real face in the video call on FaceTime app.

How to create your Animoji?

For preparation, you need a device that support iOS 11 and above, as we just mentioned. Here we take the iPhone X as an example.

1.Open the Messages app.

2.Open a conversation with a contact.

3.Tap the Animoji button(it's an icon of a character in yellow square frame) at the top of the keyboard.

4.Swipe the screen left or right to choose a emoji. Bring your face into view until a red recording icon appears.

5.Tap the recording icon, make some expressions and tap it again, then tap the send (blue arrow) button to send the Animoji.

If you want to use Animoji on FaceTime:

1.Open the FaceTime app.

2.Start a call with a contact.

3.Tap the Effects icon at the bottom of your screen and tap the Animoji button.

4.Now you can choose a Animoji to replace your face.


Although Animoji is not as well-known as emoji and is not widely used due to the limitation of iOS system, this feature is still quite fun. In some social networks, such as Twitter, there are many tricks for playing it. People use it to record singing videos or shoot MV. You can also try to dig out more ways to play it!