Memoji is an expansion of Animoji in 2018. It can be considered as the Animoji that can be customized to look like you.

(If you don't know what is Animoji, you can read this blog: 🤳Animoji On IOS:Make Your Emojis Move!)

There are so many options that allow the users to create a variety of different Memojis. In addition to the basic options, like skin, hairstyle, brows, etc., you can even choose the accessories for your Memoji. The variety of options may continue to grow in the future. Like Animoji, you can use your custom Memoji to record a video or in a FaceTime video call.

How to create your Memoji?

Here we take the iPhone X as an example.

1.Open the Messages app.

2.Open a conversation with a contact.

3.Tap the Memoji icon(it’s an icon of three characters)at the top of the keyboard.

4.Swipe the screen right until you see the "+" button, then tap it.

5.Now you can create your unique Memoji. Don't forget to tap Done to save your Memoji after you finish it.

Memoji Stickers

When you tap the Memoji icon, have you noticed those big emojis with expressions? They are Memoji Stickers. At the time of writing, there are a total of 27 kinds of emoji stickers, each emoji has 15 kinds of expressions. Besides these, the Memoji you create will also have the corresponding stickers.

As Memoji stickers are integrated directly into the keyboard, they can be used on many third-party messaging apps, like Twitter, Messages, Whatsapp, etc. How to use them? Here we take the Messages app as an example.

1.Open the Messages app to select a conversation.

2.Open the Emoji keyboard.

3.Swipe the screen right until you see the Frequently Used section. If you have used some Memoji stickers previously, they will appear here. If you want to see all stickers, tap the "..." button.

4.Choose a sticker you like to send it.


Perhaps Memoji will continue to be updated, and I hope more options for hairstyle and accessory can be added in the future! (It's like playing a dress-up game...) If you have any more ideas about Memoji, please let us know in the comments!