Recently Unicode Consortium released documents about the draft of Unicode version 15.0. Though Unicode 14.0 was just released in September, Jennifer Daniel, the chair of Emoji Subcommittee, submitted the document of new emojis to Unicode Technical Committee, which includes the ESC's recommendations for UTC approval of 21 draft emoji candidates for Unicode 15.0.

Preview of draft emojis

These new emojis are derived from existing provisional emoji candidates and emoji that were previously added to larger lists. But pay attention💡, these emojis is only draft now, they may change their appearance in the future. Let's take a look 👀:

Subcategory: Emotion

CLDR Short Name Proposal Sample
Light Blue Heart L2/21-202
Pink Heart L2/21-203
Gray Heart L2/21-201

Subcategory: Hand-Fingers-Open & Face-Neutral-Skeptical

CLDR Short Name Proposal Sample
Rightwards Pushing Hand L2/21-216
Leftwards Pushing Hand L2/21-216
Shaking Face L2/21-214

Subcategory: Vegetable

CLDR Short Name Proposal Sample
Pea Pod L2/21-199
Ginger L2/21-200

Subcategory: Flower

CLDR Short Name Proposal Sample
Hyacinth L2/21-215

Category: Animals

CLDR Short Name Proposal Sample
Donkey L2/21-196
Moose Face L2/21-197
Jellyfish L2/21-217
Goose L2/21-219
Black Bird L2/19-307
Wing L2/21-198

Subcategory: Musical Instrument

CLDR Short Name Proposal Sample
Flute L2/21-193
Maracas L2/21-194

Subcategory: Clothing

CLDR Short Name Proposal Sample
Folding Hand Fan L2/21-192
Hair Pick L2/21-218

Subcategory: Av-symbol

CLDR Short Name Proposal Sample
Wireless L2/21-191
Khanda L2/21-223

The above are the draft emojis so far. Personally speaking, it really makes me excited that there are finally more colorful hearts released🌈! And jellyfish, wing, hyacinth... All of them are my favorite🙋‍!

In addition, since there are significant challenges with flag proposals, the Emoji Subcommittee will strictly restrict the submission of flag emoji. If vendors want to make new flag emojis, the ESC encourages them to instead support inline images, like stickers or GIFs.

Since the latest version of Emoji14.0 has not yet been added to the platform we familiar with, it is too early to discuss the releasing time of Unicode 15.0. You can see the newest emoji of 14.0 here: 《🤔New Emoji In 2022? Meet The Emoji14.0》.

Still, if you want to submit your own emoji, please refer to our former blog post:《🐣How to make a new emoji?》.