Since emoji 😂 won the title of "Word of the Year" in 2015, people are very keen to study which emoji is the most popular one in Internet. As we all aware that emoji are already become a global language which transcends nationality and culture, and through the yearly emoji ranking, we can also gain some knowledge about the most influential and most-used emoji around the world (this sounds fun🤗!).

So! Unicode Consortium released the ranking of the most popular emoji of 2021 recently, come and check if there is any emoji you familiar with🔍!


The Conclusion And Some Funny Facts Of Emoji Ranking

Just get straight to the point, the top 10 popular emoji used global in 2021 are: 😂 ❤ 🤣 👍 😭 🙏 😘 🥰 😍 😊

The emojis after them (from 11th to 20th) are: 🎉 😁 💕 🥺 😅 🔥 🙂 🤦 ♥ 🤷

And by the way, the most-used emojis in 2020 and 2019 are as below:

🔺 Except for tears of joy, ❤🤣😍😊🙏 are alway in top 10 too.

We can see that 😂 wins the first place for three consecutive times, and according to the Unicode Consortium, 'Face With Tears Of Joy' accounts for over 5% of all emoji use, it is the unquestioned 'King Of Emoji👑'.

According to the research of Unicode Consortium, the most-used subcategory of emoji of course is 😄Face-Smiling, after it is emojis in subcategory 🤝Hands. At the same time, though there are only 10 emojis in subcategory 🌹Plant-Flower, it has the highest usage rate in the total 🐵Animal & Nature category. Don't forget subcategory 💋Emotion! Since it has all kinds of hearts, it is naturally will have a high usage rate. Because of the popularly of all kinds of heart emojis, it is said that maybe the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee will further split this category into two someday🤔.

On the contrary, though Country flags is the largest category which owns 258 emojis, it is the least popular emoji subcategory.

Beside the emojis above, I would like to share a funny ranking summarized by myself, I called it The most potential emojis, it shows the ranking of emoji change.

In 2021's ranking, though these emojis are all after a hundred, compared with last time, they have moved up many places. Such as emoji 🕜, it improved by about 500 places compared with last time. And the 1st place of potential emoji 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨 even moved up about 800 places! It is not a dream that this emoji become a top 100 in the future (maybe top 20 someday?).

The above are the top 10 used emojis worldwide released by Unicode Consortium. Our website also has our own Emoji Leaderboard under different analyzing angle. Click here to get more details👉 List Of Popular Emoji Leaderboards

Of course, everyone has different preferences for emoji. As for me, my favorite emojis are: 🧙👸😊💅👻😉👑🦄🌺☕(I'm more a romantic fantasy type🔮). We would like to know your 'Best 10 emojis', so just tell us in the comment below!

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