Recently, the Unicode Consortium released the 'Most Used Emoji Of 2021', and each website has started its own year-end summary. Following this trend, in the closure of 2021, here we try to do some related summaries about emoji and our under our own analyzing angle.

Here should be mentioned that all these data are from our website internal statistics, google analytics and Twitter for reference only💡.

EmojiAll & Emoji Usage In Different Countries

Since launched in 2019, we are now supporting 46 languages, and according to internal statistics, the top 15 most visited languages and their changing trends are shown below👇.

As for the countries, here we also list the top 15 most visited countries and their trends over the months in case you are interested in.

On this basis, we launched Popular Emoji Leaderboards based on multiple languages this year. This is one of the popular new contents we released in 2021. Using this leaderboard, we can know which emoji is most popular in a country, you can even filter time, language, gender, age or category in our ranking list. This means you can get lots of knowledges from our emoji ranking lists, such as a country's preference for emoji use, the ratio of emoji used between male and female in this country, etc.

Here we take the top 5 of the above countries as examples. Based on our leaderboard, among these countries, the Top 5's most used emojis are like below.

From the above ranking, we can infer that maybe Chinese people like to use their own flag emoji, while in Iran and Indonesia, people may like to use Unicode characters like [∞] or [☭], and they all prefer [🗿moai] maybe.

Emoji of the year (EmojiAll .ver)

Now that we are talking about rankings, here I want to share with you some of the latest website internal rankings related to emoji that you may interested in. It is a global ranking, just like the Unicode Consortium's recent blog.

  • The most clicked emoji on EmojiAll🖱️
  • The most searched emoji on EmojiAll🔍
  • The most liked emoji on EmojiAll👍
  • The most potential emoji on EmojiAll✊
  • The most commented emoji on EmojiAll💬

About comments

We added comments and login functions in March, which further increased the interactivity between users. Whether it is text comments or emojiarts, we are all very grateful for netizens' enthusiastic participation. Here we collected some of the popular comments that we believed is quite funny.

I personally divide them into three types: knowledge-share type, interactive type and emojiart type.

  • Knowledge-share type: Parts of users like to introduce some popular emoji usages to other users in an emoji comment, or why this emoji is suddenly become wide used. Such as these 2 emojis below👇.
  • Interactive type: Here is my favorite type of comment! Some users like to interact with the emoji in some specific emoji comments, which is quite cute. For example ⛩️, netizens treat it as an actually shrine and began to pray in the comments...
  • 🔺Hope to become rich, hope to succeed in the postgraduate entrance examination, hope to become a beauty, and there are even people who want world peace👍

  • Emoji art type: Since we published 👨‍🎨Let's Make Some Emoji Art, more and more netizens prefer to create their own emoji art in the comments, which is very creative.
  • 🔺We got Minecraft, Squid Game and Spider Man!!

In addition, by analyzing the time distribution of user comments in the background, we can know that lots of users comment on our website during working hours👨‍💻. Among them, the number of people reached the peak around 3PM, and some users still visited our website in the early hours of the morning. All in all, thank you all for your support!!

Other contents we added and updated in 2021

Except for the leaderboard and comment functions mentioned above, in 2021, we also added other new emoji analysis contents such as sentiment analysis, location analysis, relationship graph and tag cloud. Through these contents, we believe that you will gain more understanding of emoji and be able to use them more flexibly.

At the end of the year, after several months of modification, the last major update we launched was the improvement of the search function. Now you can use advanced search on emojiall to find emojis, emoji memes, blog posts, emoji topic, etc. Anything you might be interested to know!!

By the way, after we analyze the search results on the website backstage, we found out that the search terms of each country also have their own characteristics. Here we still make the top 5 visited languages as examples.

🔺Chinese top 5 words: Fire, melon, heart, flower, gift.

🔺Spanish top 5 words: Applause, heart, diamond, bisexual, arrow.

🔺Portuguese top 5 words: Arrow, book, heart, nursing, nutrition.

🔺English top 5 words: S*x, heart, moon, sun, arrow.

🔺Turkish top 5 words: Heart, draw, music, lion, chat.

You may have noticed that all our ranking sometimes has some differences compared with Unicode's conclusion. It is of note here that our data sources are different💡: while Unicode's emoji rank is based on median frequency of use across multiple sources, EmojiAll uses our own website internal data and publicly available social media data. Over time, our data will become more and more accurate.

In short, the end of the year is a good opportunity for self-summary, reviewing a year's works, check if anything is missing and close loopholes📝. All our efforts are to promote emoji to the world, reduce misunderstandings about the meaning and usage of emojis, and analyze emojis in many unique angles. We will continue to work hard and keep releasing funny contents in the future. We are looking forward to your continued attention!

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