When it comes to which emojis have been the most popular in recent years, the Pleading Face emoji has to be mentioned. This emoji belongs to Emoji version 11.0, which was updated in 2018 and has captured people's hearts in just two or three years, soaring in popularity and taking the world by storm, leaping to become one of people's favorite emojis.

Its popularity in recent years

According to the Unicode Consortium's annual ranking of the most popular emoji from 2019 to 2021, in 2019, 🥺 ranked 97th out of more than 3,000 emojis; in 2020 it advanced into the top 10 and won the third place; in 2021 it slipped slightly in ranking compared to the previous year, but it still ranked 14th.

🔺:Top emojis of 2020 (Data source: Unicode Consortium)

Facemoji keyboard, an overseas input method app owned by Baidu, released its annual State of Emoji report of 2021 a few days ago, which also mentions the hotness of 🥺. The report noted that the Pleading Face entered the ranking of most popular emojis established by the app for the first time in 2021, coming in fifth place, according to Facemoji Keyboard's statistics data.

The report also contains statistics on the popularity of this emoji on major social media. It is also one of the most popular emojis on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok and Twitter, which are the most popular social app today.

Also, as mentioned in this blog we posted earlier Some Update And Emoji Analyzes That Summarized EmojiAll 2021, 🥺 ranked in the top three in terms of clicks and searches on our site.



So, how did the Pleading Face emoji become popular?

Explode in popularity because of a emoji combo

It starts in March 2020. on March 6, 2020, tweeter @Kazify posted a tweet asking what 👉👈 meant, and another tweeter @Keeoh gave him an example in the comments explaining it with 🥺👉👈.

Two days later, TikToker @chrissycorsaro used the emoji combo 🥺👉👈 when posting a video that surpassed 200,000 likes in just five days.

Perhaps because 🥺👉👈 vividly shows the look of a person who is cautious and shy because of a request, much cuter and more intuitive than any text, it quickly became popular on Twitter and Tik Tok from then on, and became one of the hottest emoji combos at the time. The little yellow face with puppy dog-like moist eyes and a pitiful look became a new favorite of netizens. Its usage began to rise rapidly, and according to Emojipedia, on average, one out of every 100 tweets sent in April 2020 contained 🥺.

Common uses and meanings

After this emoji combo caught fire, many people started to use the Pleading Face to express shyness. Besides, it is also often used to plead with someone or apologize to them. Its expression is vivid and cute, contains a bit of pampering, and has the magic of making people's hearts soft at first sight. Well, who can refuse such an innocent and pitiful pair of puppy dog eyes?

As it became more and more popular on the Internet, people all over the world began to use it frequently, creating richer meanings and usages for it in the process. In different contexts, it can be used to express a wide range of emotions such as aggravation, admiration, emotion, sadness and so on. Netizens have even used their imagination to create several unique usages:

This is a comment left by a user on our website. It said that in China, some people use this emoji to mock others and express pity to them in an odd way.

Besides, the usage in the picture below has been trending on Twitter recently.

🤐I won't use this emoji casually

However, these two are not as common as the previous ones, and some netizens even feel a little uncomfortable with this "creativity". But emoji is for entertainment, and there are no rules, so as long as they are not illegal or cause any serious consequences, users are free to use them in any way they want. There may be more creative uses in the future, who knows?


It's been two years since 🥺 created a trend on the Internet, but it's still popular. It has become one of the most frequently used emoji in people's daily lives, and some people even predict that it will surpass 😂 in the future and become the new king of emojis. Personally, I like this emoji because it's sooooo cute! Do you guys usually use it? If you have any original usage, please share it with us in the comments!