Due to the recent international conflict between Russia and Ukraine, netizens have engaged in active discussions on social media. Last time we had already talked about the internet popularity of country flag emoji of Russia and Ukraine: 🇺🇦🇷🇺 Russia-Ukraine War: Understanding Public Opinion Tendencies From Emojis.

However, except for these two emojis, the using of peace-related emojis are also increased recently. And this phenomenon can be showed that people from different countries are all crave for peace🕊️.

Throughout history, there had been many different religions, cultures and individuals developed peace signs to pray for the world peace. So here let me introduce you some of the peace-related emoji that you can use them in recent incident.

The Peace Symbol☮️

Recently the most searched emoji on social media is peace symbol☮️. Even in our own popular emoji ranking list, this emoji shows the sustained growth monthly ranking of monthly leaderboard in most languages, which is kind of rare.

As one of the most widely used symbols that stands for peace, in fact it is the logo of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament(CND) which was designed by Gerald Holtom in 1958.

The symbol is combined from the flag semaphores of letters "N" and "D", stand for initials of 'Nuclear Disarmament'.

🖼️ credit: Wikipedia-Flag semaphore

Though this symbol is specifically designed for the anti-nuclear movement, it was widely adopted by the American anti-war and counterculture activists in the 1960s, then reinterpreted as a symbol represents world peace.

Besides, this peace symbol(not this emoji) is never copyrighted. You can use it in any situation and do not need to seek permission.

Dove Of Peace🕊️

Another classic peace symbol is dove with olive branch🕊️.

🔺Microsoft's new dove emoji is so adorable! Which one do you prefer?

Just like ☮️, dove is not representing peace at first. Doves appear in the symbolism of many ancient cultures. For example, in ancient Mesopotamia culture, dove was an animal symbols of Inanna-Ishtar, the goddess of love, sexuality, and war. In the ancient Levant, doves were used as symbols for the Canaanite mother goddess Asherah. And in the Japanese mythology, dove is Hachiman's familiar spirit.

The most famous story about dove is Noah's Ark, the bird flew back with a fresh olive branch as a sign of life after the Flood🌊.

The use of a dove and olive branch as a symbol of peace originated with the early Christians. But dove as a peace symbol gets worldly spread was in 1949. In April of that year, the famous Picasso's lithograph about dove, was chosen as the emblem for the World Peace Council in Paris. Since then, dove is often appeared in political-related contents, such as banners, cartoons, etc.

🔺Dove lithograph by Pablo Picasso

Victory Hand✌

Victory hand, also called V sign or Peace sign, is a gesture with a dual character. On one hand, it can represent victory, cute and peace, and on the other, it has insult meaning in some culture. But here we only talk about as peace sign usage.

was popularized in the American peace movement of the 1960s. It is said that because of the hippies of the day often showed this sign while saying 'Peace', through association, protesters against the Vietnam War adopted the gesture as a sign of peace.

Since then, V hand as a peace sign got widely spread all over the world. Especially younger people in Asia, they love giving this gesture while taking photos📷.

🔺John Lennon with Yoko Ono, 1971 ©️TopFoto.co.uk

There are other symbols that can connected to peace, such as white poppy, mistletoe, the broken rifle, Roerich's peace banner, etc. It is so pity that most of these symbols have no emoji.

Though there is a rainbow flag emoji, but 🏳‍🌈 is more often used in topics about LGBTQ instead of peace related content.

And you may not notice that there are differences between peace flag and gay pride flag. Peace flag is seven colors while gay pride flag is six without turquoise, and the colors of these 2 flags are in opposite order.

🔺'PACE' is Italian for 'peace'

All in all, just hope the world can keep peaceful and people stay happiness. Love and Peace❤🕊☮!