17 July in 2022, let's celebrate the 9th year of World Emoji Day!

The 17th of this month is a quite big day for us emoji-lovers. It is not an official holiday, but it can always inspire the enthusiasm of every emojilist!

World Emoji Day is set up by Jeremy Burge, the founder of Emojipedia. The date was inspired by the calendar emoji shown on iPhone📅. Also, July 17 is the date iCal premiered at the MacWorld conference in 2002. For more detailed information of The World Emoji Day, just check our former blog post: 🎉The World Emoji Day!

As for this time, I'm going to inventory the big news that happened related to emojis in the first half of 2022. Though only half a year has passed, there are already so many awesome news and events about emojis😮!

World Emoji Awards results in 2021

Each year of world emoji day, a series of just-for-fun annual awards called 'World Emoji Awards🏆' is given out every year. So, I'd like to make a quick review about this award in 2021 first.

  • The Most Popular New Emoji in 2021
  • The Most Anticipated Emoji in 2021
  • The Most 2021 Emoji '💉'
  • 🖼: World emoji awards official site

Is your favorite emoji on the list? If not, just share your own 'Most 2021 Emoji' in the comment below😸!

Other Big News Related to Emoji

Although only half of this year has passed📅, there are already so many emoji news. Following along the timeline, please let me show you what emoji-related events happened so far💡.


  • A funny site that can combine two emojis into one called 'Emojimix' got suddenly soar all over the world🔥.
  • 🖼: Emojimix

  • EmojiAll released a new tag cloud & relation chart under pure AI algorithm🆕. Right now, when using social media, you can know how people use a specific emoji. Hope you have a nicer Internet experience🤗!
  • 🔺: How netizens use 🍑 on social media



  • Twitter rolled out Twemoji 14.0 on March 8th. This version contains all emojis from the latest Emoji 14.0.
  • Apple released iOS 15.4 which contains all emojis from the latest Emoji 14.0. What's more, in this update, the emoji design team redesigned 🤭 'face with hand over mouth', in order to get closer to other vendors' designs.
  • According to Jennifer Daniel, the Emoji Subcommittee chairperson, the Unicode Consortium would no longer accept proposals for flags in the future🙅‍.


  • The latest Unicode version 16.0 started submissions from April 4, 2022, through July 31. If you want to create your own emoji and use it on your devices, don't miss it🔔!
  • EmojiAll got our own emojiart content in April. If you have any emojiart ideas, don't hesitate to share them with us🙏!!
  • Facebook rolled out their new emoji version 14.0 on April 21. This version contains all emojis from the lastest Emoji 14.0🆕. Check all the Facebook Emojis here.


  • Google launched a new black and white emoji font 'Noto Emoji' on May 2nd, which also contains a series of new blob-inspired designs.
  • The website 'crossword-solver.io' released an investigation of the the most used emoji on Twitter across nearly every country, the data was retrieved during the last two weeks of February 2022.
  • 🖼: crossword-solver.io


  • At Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference on June 6, iOS 16 was introduced as the successor to iOS 15. This time, it's possible to customize the Lock Screen in a special way using emojis, and you can select up to 6 emojis to include in your own wallpaper.
  • Android 13 beta 3.3 was out in June 27th. This update launched with a series of different emoji wallpaper easter eggs in 14 themes (Fruit, Cat faces, Regular faces, Expressive (eye) faces, Melting face, Hearts/love, Outer space, Moon, Aquatic life, Monkeys, Zodiac, Clocks, Flowers, Turtle king). Can't wait👏!!
  • 🖼: 9to5google.com


  • The 5th International Workshop on Emoji Understanding and Applications in Social Media (Emoji Workshop) will be held on the 14th of July 2022. Papers and speeches🙋‍!!
  • 🖼: Official site of Emoji Workshop

The above is the news related to emoji that has happened so far, and more events are COMING SOON🔜!! Just wish you all a Lovely Emoji Day, and don't forget to show your love to these adorable symbols💓!