As early as the end of last year, Unicode Consortium unveiled the new emojis in Emoji 15.0, which will be updated in 2022. After several months of waiting, Emoji 15.0 is finally going to be released👏!

According to Unicode Consortium, a total of 31 new emojis in Emoji 15.0 will be released in September 2022, although the exact date has not yet been determined. Perhaps the new emoji list may be modified before the final release, but based on the situation in previous years, there will not be much changes.

🔺:Two styles of Emoji 15.0 draft designed by EmojiAll ("Bubble" style 🆚 "Classic" style)

The image above displays the two styles of Emoji 15.0 draft we designed. Yes😎EmojiAll finally has our own emoji design🎉! Starting from this year, we will design images for the new emojis released every year. The images of the emojis released in previous years are also in the process of being created, and will be updated on the website when they are completed: EmojiAll(Bubble), EmojiAll(Classic)

The reason why we designed two styles of images is because we want to show you the diversity of emoji design styles, as well as to meet the different needs of users. The Bubble style mainly adopts a flat style which is different from the three-dimensional style, with brighter colors 🟡 and more delicate details, while the Classic style uses simple geometric figures as the basic elements of design, with a more minimalist style.

Since the emoji images designed by each platform cannot differ too much 🙅 so as not to cause users to misunderstand the meaning of emoji, we have generally ensured that our images are as similar as possible to those of other platforms, but we have still tried to add some elements that reflect our national 🇨🇳 and cultural characteristics in the design. Now let's take a look👀 at these new emoji images we designed!

Emoji 15.0 Sample images designed by EmojiAll

At present, the meaning, usage, Unicode code, image download and other useful information of each emoji have been updated on the website. You can click the CLDR Short Name of each emoji in the picture below to enter its detail page.

Subcategory: Emotion

CLDR Short Name Proposal Bubble Classic
Light Blue Heart L2/21-202
Pink Heart L2/21-203
Grey Heart L2/21-201

Subcategory: Hand-Fingers-Open & Face-Neutral-Skeptical

Subcategory: Food-Vegetable

CLDR Short Name Proposal Bubble Classic
Pea Pod L2/21-199
Ginger Root L2/21-200

Subcategory: Plant-Flower

CLDR Short Name Proposal Bubble Classic
Hyacinth L2/21-215

Subcategory: Animal-Mammal & Animal-Bird

Subcategory: Musical-Instrument

CLDR Short Name Proposal Bubble Classic
Flute L2/21-193
Maracas L2/21-194


CLDR Short Name Proposal Bubble Classic
Folding Hand Fan L2/21-192
Hair Pick L2/21-218

Subcategory: AV-Symbol & Religion

CLDR Short Name Proposal Bubble Classic
Wireless L2/21-191
Khanda L2/21-223

Compared with previous years, the number of new emojis released this year is much smaller📉. Emoji 13.0 and Emoji 13.1 released in 2020 contained a total of 334 emojis, and Emoji 14.0 released in 2021 contained 112 emojis, while this year there are only 31 new emojis.

In addition, the categories of new emojis are mainly focused on [⌚️Objects] and [🐵Animals]. Only one "🫨Shaking Face" emoji is added to the most anticipated category [😂Smileys&Emotion], and there are no new people emojis.

However, although the number of these new emojis is smaller than before, they are all useful and applicable in a variety of contexts and situations, as they all represent common things in daily life. This reflects the Unicode Consortium's requirements for new emoji proposals in recent years: they will focus on whether the new emoji can fill the gap in the existing emojis, making it more and more convenient for people to communicate using emoji.(📚Recommended blog:🐣How to make a new emoji?

When can we use these emojis on our device?

Although these new emojis will be released soon, we still have to wait a few more months to use them on our phones/computers/tablets🤦 because it will take some time for major platforms to add the new emojis to their systems.

The specific time spent varies from platform to platform, as fast as the end of this year, as slow as next year, or even in the second half of next year... 🚬Some of you may not even be able to use the Emoji 14.0 released last year yet🙃

According to the release date for emoji support of previous years, we have made a timeline that estimates the date of Emoji 15.0's release on major platforms:


We will keep you informed if there is any new news about Emoji 15.0😗. And, please feel free to let us know in the comments if you have any suggestions about our design for emojis🥺👉👈 See you in the next blog!(flying kisses👋