Have you ever wonder what will happen when two emojis combined together🤔?

A website that can combine two emojis into one called EmojiMix was suddenly get popular at the beginning of 2022. The combination is so natural and funny that people get addicted. However, do you know that all the emoji mashup illustrations are from Google's Emoji Kitchen?

🔺Some of my personal fav mashup in Emoji Kitchen💓

What is Emoji Kitchen❓

Emoji Kitchen is an amazing project of Google's Gboard⌨ that released in 2020. It allows Android users to send emoji stickers that automatically combine two existing emojis to a new creative expression (📥Download Gboard).

🔺Opening the emoji input interface will automatically run the Emoji Kitchen function

Based on Jennifer Daniel, the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee Chair, there are currently over 30,000 stickers that can be created by the Emoji Kitchen, and each of them is designed creatively that make people surprised😮.

What's more, Google even brought back the BlobMoji! This cute gumdrop-shape emoji is definitely loved by many people! If you don't really know about these yellow 'gummies', you can refer to the detail page of platform 'BlobMoji'.

🔺Some BlobMoji designs in Emoji Kitchen

In short, you definetely CANNOT miss this awesome function!

How to use Emoji Kitchen❓

The Emoji Kitchen is only available for Android's Gboard, so if you are an iOS user, we are sorry to tell you that you cannot use Emoji Kitchen on your Apple devices, and Google hasn't revealed anything about Emoji Kitchen for Apple users😢.

But if you happen to be an Android user and also have Gboard installed on your device, then congras🤗! Just a few steps to combine the emojis you like!

1. Open the messaging app and tap in the text bar to make Gboard appear.

2. Tap the emoji icon on the bottom left.

3. Choose an emoji and start to 'cook' it in the Emoji Kitchen🍳!

The Emoji Kitchen can not only choose one emoji and then make associations to suggest related mash-up emojis to you, but also can choose 2 random emojis to make a combination.

And then here are three cases about it:

  • The combination of 2 different emojis.
  • You can simply choose 2 different emojis to make an emoji kitchen mash-up. Except for the 'People' and 'Flags' categories, and the 'hands' sub-category, almost all categories have emojis that can be mashed up through the Emoji Kitchen feature.

  • The combination of 2 same Emojis.
  • And surely you can make 2 same emojis combined to make an emphasized emoji sticker, just like the image below.

  • Bring out the BlobMoji!
  • As for the special blobmoji mix-up, this need some little tricks😉. You need to combine a random emoji with the sparkles ‘✨’ or the magic wand ‘🪄’ to make an adorable blobmoji sticker.

Here should be pay attention that there are only countable apps compatible with Emoji Kitchen, such as:

  • Google Messages
  • WhatsApp
  • Telegram
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Signal
  • TextNow
  • LinkedIn

Some recent updates about Gboard's emoji feature

Recently, Google released an update of their Gboard, and there is something new about it🆕.

First, Gboard is now can automatically 'Emojify' users' messages. After input an emoji in your text, you can just tap the wand button🪄 in the suggestions row to automatically change it to a different “Emojified” message. This can decorate your texts or help the receiver to get better understanding of your message💡.

🖼️credit: 9to5google.com

What's more, the Emoji Kitchen is designed a new set of emoji mash-up stickers for the golden autumn and some emoji mashup related to Halloween.

🔺See you next year, summer!

We may have our own emoji mashup feature in the future⁉️

Here is a little gossip about our EmojiAll's future planning🤫. Our team is working on a new content about emoji mashup based on AI algorithm, and I've secretly sneaked to the development team and taken a glance at the sample image, it is really... Imaginative🌈 (and a little bit creepy👻). All in all, I cannot say more about it 🤐... Just can't wait for the official update about this new function on our EmojiAll!