Maybe some of you have noticed that our landing page: has been changed. From now on, will center on the search function to provide a better website experience to our user🙋‍.

As for the search function on emojiall, it can be said a comprehensive function of the application of NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology.

And so, without further ado, we will show you a detailed introduction to our search function!

Why We Developed Emoji Intelligent Search?

People usually turn to search engines such as Google, Bing, or some emoji websites for Emoji meanings. The search results, however, have been far from satisfaction, concerning the accuracy and comprehensiveness of emoji meanings.

🔺An example when users search for a ‘dog’ emoji in a traditional search engine

Like the sample image displayed above, the traditional search engine only tends to give results just for the exact term ‘dog’, like ‘hot dog’, ‘guide dog’ or ‘dog face’ but ignores the emojis that may relate to dog. This shows the search results are very rigid and limited in matching search terms.

To address the gap, we developed an emoji search engine with the intelligent association, conditional filtering, and multiple sorting functions. We want this search function can not only display the emoji corresponding to the exact search term, but even the emojis related to it.

What Have We Developed For Now?

Our Emoji Intelligent Search uses the "Elasticsearch" dedicated search engine, which returns search results by creating a database and then submitting data into it.

By importing various data such as 'emoji', 'title', 'known as', 'description' into the database we mentioned above, we have finally achieved our goal to a certain extent. When a user searches for keyword(s)/emoji, our intelligent search can suggest emojis that are highly relevant to the search term, rather than a rigid and straightforward correspondence.

For example, when our users search for the emoji 'dog🐕', those related emojis will be suggested, such as 'cat face', 'fox', etc. As for the keyword(s)/phrases corrosonding, for instance, when users search for 'summer', the intelligent search engine will additionally recommend other highly related emojis like 'lotus', 'thong sandal', 'melting face', etc.

What's more, as a comprehensive search engine, it can also display images of searched emoji in various platform, emoji combos and memes that contain this emoji, even blog posts that have the aimed emoji/keywords.

How To Use Our Intelligent Search?

EmojiAll's Emoji Intelligent Search🔍 supports multilingual search in 47 languages, and it also allows users to enter: Emoji, keywords, or Unicode codepoint to perform searches, and find relevant information from our Emoji Dictionaries, Emoji Combos and Memes, Emoji Festivals and Special Topics, Emoji Popular Science Articles, Emoji News Blogs, Emoji Pictures, and other useful content according to user's input, then use text or picture to return search results.

At the same time, this Emoji Intelligent Search also has functions like real-time search word by word in the input box, keywords highlighting in the results, one-click copying of emoji and other functions.

Filtering and sorting are also prominent functions of our Emoji Intelligent Search. The search can filter the results by multi-dimensional combinations of ‘Emoji’, ‘Blog’, ‘Topic’, ‘Images’, ‘Combos and Memes’, and can also sort the results by 'Comprehensive, Newest, Comment'.

All of these are to enable users to search for the emoji information in the shortest possible time.

Although the search function still has certain limitations😢, we will not stop the improvement. What's more, in the future, we are consider incorporating all the content in the Elasticsearch database into the Emoji Knowledge Graph, which is also a task we need to continue to work on💪.

We hope that the Emoji Intelligent Search developed by would improve users’ search experience and understanding about emojis. And we will keep updating and improving our functions to provide better experience to you🤗!