At the end of the year, the tradition of 'Yearly Summary' of EMOJI and is coming again!

Compared with last year (Some Update And Emoji Analyzes That Summarized EmojiAll 2021), which emoji is the "Emoji Of The Year" in 2022, how about the emoji using ranking in each country, what new contents emojiall updated, and what our team did this year……

In the closure of 2022, here we try to do some related summaries about emoji and under our own analyzing angle. Here should be mentioned that all the data are from our website internal statistics, google analytics and Twitter for reference only💡.

If you are interested in all these emoji-related information, don't miss this blog post!

Emoji Using Situation In Different Countries (2022)

EmojiAll for now is supporting 46 languages. According to our internal statistics, the top 15 Most Visited Languages in 2022 and their changing trends are shown below👇.

As for the countries, here we also list the top 15 most visited countries and their trends over the months.

What's more, in different language and cultural backgrounds, people may have different preferences for emoji usage. Based on our Emoji Leaderboard, we have also listed up the top 10 most visited languages' emoji usage below, just in case you are interested in.

🔺Here we take Google's emoji as an example

As you can see, the biggest feature of the 'most used emoji' rankings by country in 2022, is that except for Italian, the emojis belong to version 14.0 released in 2021, such as 🥹(Face Holding Back Tears), 🫶(Heart Hands), 🫠(Melting Face), are included in most of the rankings.

Emoji of the year (EmojiAll .ver)

Now it's time for the most interesting part of the blog: 2022 Emoji Awards Ceremony🏆! Just like last year, we have made several emoji rankings based on the internal data of our website.

  • The most clicked emoji on EmojiAll🖱️
  • The most liked emoji on EmojiAll👍
  • The most anticipated emoji on EmojiAll✊
  • The most commented emoji on EmojiAll💬

Are you agree with these rankings? What is the emoji ranking in your mind? Which is the Best Emoji of 2022 for you? You can share your answer with us in the comment🤗!

What EmojiAll Did In 2022?

2022 is also a challenging year for We have not only updated and added multiple special contents in our site this year, but also started to try to participate in some emoji-related international communication activities.

Our results for 2022 can be summarized as follows:

  • Launched EmojiAll Advanced Search at the beginning of the year, and then added NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology into it to improve the search experience. Now the Emoji Intelligent Search function can be said as one of the special features on
  • Emoji Translator got released! It can translate emojis to and from texts in over 47 languages😮.
  • 'Favorites' feature was added. After registering on EmojiAll, you can add the content that you interested in to your 'Favorites' by clicking the star⭐️ icon in the upper right corner of the content you are interested in (emojis, blog posts, emoji images or topics), which will be more convenient for check them next time~
  • Some of the webpage has been redesigned👨‍🎨, including the landing page, Unicode list page and emoji list page.
  • Fastest-Rising Ranking joined the Emoji Leaderboards family.
  • Emoji Fusion was released. It is based on the CV image algorithm and deep learning, and can combine the features of two emoji images to generate new emoji images🖼.
  • Two versions of emoji pictures independently designed by EmojiAll: EmojiAll(Bubble) and EmojiAll(Classic) were released. Which version is your type?
  • Added dark mode to the website, now you can also explore at night🌙!
  • Added some new Emoji Games, come and challenge yourself🎮!
  • We are so grateful that EmojiAll was invited as one of the speakers at the Symposium on Graphicons and Digital Media to introduce the 🔍Intelligent Search on our site.

At the same time, we also received many suggestions about the content of our website on social media such as Twitter and Facebook, here we would like to tell you that we have always considered your advices and want to express our thanks to all EmojiAll users😊! We hope to bring you a content-rich and fun website while spreading emoji to the world!

Here should be noticed again that our data sources are from our own website internal data and publicly available social media data. So, the results of emoji ranking may be different from other websites🤔.

All in all, 2022 is coming to an end, thank you for visiting this year, and also your precious attention to EmojiAll! We will continue to release amazing emoji-related contents in the future, just keep following us🙋‍!