Emojis are a crucial instrument for expressing emotions nowadays, while AI drawing techniques have become a popular trend. If we combine them, we will be able to generate various interesting and creative images more conveniently and accurately. This article will present how to use Emojis as Prompts for AI drawing tools to produce images, explore the advantages and limitations of this method, and provide you with suggestions on how to combine them for better utilization of these tools and techniques.

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, AI drawing has become a popular application. By inputting information such as text, sound, and images, AI drawing technology can produce realistic or abstract images. However, to generate high-quality images, it is necessary to provide the AI drawing tools with some complex, refined, and precise prompts to convey our intentions. To communicate with the machine better, we can use emojis as the prompts for AI drawing tools to inform the machine of our intent in a more accurate and effective way, thereby simplifying and accelerating this process.

Generating images using emojis in AI drawing tools such as Midjourney or Stable Diffusion is effortless. Simply by inputting one or more emojis in the designated box, we can easily create imaginative images that relate to the given emojis.

Generated images with descriptions (Ordinary):


Input:👩‍🚀(Woman Astronaut). An image was generated depicting a girl wearing an oxygen mask landing on a planet. Behind her, there was a colorful planet hovering in the deep and mysterious starry sky, creating a resplendent and imaginative scene.


Input: 👸(Princess). AI produced a fairytale-style princess sitting on an ornate, carved throne, adorned in a shimmering and extravagant gown, resembling a fairy descending to the mortal world. She elegantly crossed her legs, with an expression of solemnity and nobility.


Input: 👸(Princess)🤴(Prince). After adding a 🤴 to the input, AI generated a scene of the princess and the prince walking hand in hand in the royal palace, both dressed in opulent attire. Their tender gaze and gentle touch conveyed the romantic emotions between them.


Input: 👸(Princess)🤴(Prince)🤳(Selfie). This time we added a 🤳 to the input, then AI generated an image of the princess and prince taking a selfie together. They are naturally leaning towards each other, and the love and happiness between them are almost overflowing from the picture.

Generated images with descriptions (Special):

In addition to the regular emojis, we have found that some special emoji combinations can be used to produce more interesting images, which can mix the elements represented by the emojis in the combination.


Input👧🐇. Based on this emoji combination, AI has magically produced an image of a bunny girl, rather than a girl and a bunny. The girl's gaze is resolute, and her body exudes a powerful aura, as if she is the rabbit-eared warrior guarding this mysterious world. The cute and dreamy image is full of fairytale atmosphere.


Input👧🤖. This input results in the creation of a female robot, rather than a girl and a robot. We also added English prompts related to the three perspectives (from side, multiple views, from behind) to the input, so the image generated showcases the sleek lines of the female robot from various angles, and the rear view offers a glimpse into the intricate construction of the robot. The whole design portraies a beautiful vision of the emotional fusion between robots and humans.


Input🍬🌈. The AI has produced an image of rainbow candies, rather than simply candies + rainbows. There are a total of seven different colored jellybeans, each of which is sparkling and translucent with a bright luster, evoking a sense of delectable temptation.

Emoji Combinations and Memes:

What surprised us is that the AI drawing tools are even capable of understanding the meaning behind some emoji combinations and memes.


Input👉🥺👈 (a popular emoji combination originated in TIKTOK, which means shyness). A lovely girl was created. Her face is flushed, her fingers point to the heel of her mouth, while her eyes look at the fingertips. The image accurately conveys the girl's shy and uneasy feeling.


Another image generated by inputting👉🥺👈


Input👁️👄👁️(A popular emoji combination used to express shock). This image is a close-up of a girl's face. She maybe have heard some surprising news or seen some incredible sight, her mouth is slightly open and her eyes are wide open, conveying a strong sense of shock.

These generated images based on emojis are both realistic and abstract, both heartwarming and science-fictional, showcasing the immense potential and endless possibilities of Emoji+AI drawing. In the future, with the advancement of technology and optimization of algorithms, we believe that Emoji+AI drawing will become a widely-known and convenient creative medium, bringing us more inspiration and joy.

Besides convenience and accuracy, what are the other advantages and limitations of using emojis as prompts?

Most AI drawing tools support using emojis as input, but they usually don't support languages other than English. This is where emojis can be used as a way to communicate across languages, allowing AI drawing tools to better understand and receive the information you convey.

Of course, Emoji+AI drawing also has some limitations. Because the input is only one or several simple emojis, sometimes the generated image may can't totally understand the meaning of the input. In addition, due to the limited algorithms and training data of AI drawing, some tools and models may have insufficient understanding of emojis, which may result in the production of repetitive, low-quality, or unrealistic images. However, this does not prevent us from using this method to stimulate our imagination and creativity and generate interesting images.


  • 1. Clearly express your intention: Choose more appropriate emojis to reduce the possibility of misunderstanding.
  • 2. Diverse tools and models: To get better results, we can try to use different tools and models and even combine them with other techniques to make improvements.
  • 3. Manual intervention and adjustment: Before generating the image, we can try to improve the prompts, and we can also adjust the parameters and setting options to improve the quality of the image.

In a word, Emoji+AI drawing is a fun and innovative way to generate images and dramatically reduce the difficulty of human-machine dialogue.. Whether you are a designer, artist or enthusiast, you can try to use this method to create all kinds of interesting and creative images. If you know more interesting prompts (emoji combinations and memes), you can share them with us in the comments!

💡Unless specifically stated, the prompts used in this article are exclusively in the form of emojis.

🧰The images in this article are created using open-source AI drawing tools: Stable Diffusion + Uenomigi_DB Model

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