Huawei dropped its latest mobile operating system HarmonyOS 4.0 at its annual Developer Conference this month, which is totally a game-changing update to their OS. We're talking a fresh notification center, a pumped-up AI upgrade for the Xiao Yi voice assistant, and beefed-up app risk controls...

And this time, emojis surely got some of the spotlight too✨! On the conference, Huawei showcased new and revamped design of emojis, spicing up classics and adding some fun new twists. Just can't wait to tell you all my discover in Huawei's new emojis!

The Brand New Emoji Family?

In this conference, Huawei unveiled China's first-ever emoji set that fully covers all Unicode codepoints standards. This is can be called a milestone in Chinese emoji history! After all, up to this point, pretty much all local Chinese device brands (think Xiaomi, OPPO, Meizu, and the like) have been rocking Google's noto color emoji designs, rather than sporting their own. And, let's be real, there were some emoji gaps, not all emojis were usable in Chinese brand devices🤷‍♂️.

With the update this time, Huawei's rolled out a more than 1,800 new emoji designs. Compared to other platforms like Apple, Google, or Microsoft, Huawei's emojis rock a playful, exaggerated, and slightly 3D style. They're all about capturing those nuanced feelings.

🔺: Comparison between Huawei's design and emoji designs on other vendors

Just pop open Huawei's built-in XiaoYi keyboard, or use Changlian (a service that supports high-definition video and audio calls between Huawei devices, such as phones, tablets, smart screens, speakers, etc.), and let your emojis do the subtle emotional talking😉.

Huawei Localizes Emojis with Chinese Cultural Elements and Hidden Surprises?

As a tech giant in China, Huawei has sprinkled some Chinese cultural flavors and fun Easter eggs related to their products in their emoji designs. Take the 🍜steaming bowl (or say the noodle) emoji for example, according to Zhiyan Yang, the UI Design Director of Huawei introduced at the conference, users can choose the thickness of the boodle in the bowl, just like the usual choices you get in China!!

So, as someone from China, I think I should maybe try to spot all these China-centric cool Easter eggs in Huawei's emojis. Here are the fun surprises I've stumbled upon so far🕵️‍♂️:

1. The special September 15th

The date September 15th keeps popping up in various emojis, from credit cards and tickets to calendars. Actually, it is the date that Huawei was founded!

But wait, there's more to that date. Well, on September 15th, 2020, the US's new ban on Huawei officially kicked in. This meant that the US and companies using US tech would stop serving up semiconductor chips and other parts to Huawei. What a coincidence🤫!

2. Everything is Huawei related

For emojis like phone📱, computer💻, and watch⌚, the set is totally based on designs from Huawei's own lineup. Take the 🤳 selfie emoji, for instance. That phone in hand? It's modeled after one of Huawei's star products, the Mate40 series. And the watch emoji? Totally giving off Huawei Watch3 Pro vibes.

🔺 Whether it's a phone, laptop, mouse or printer, it's like having a mini virtual Huawei showroom right at your fingertips!

🔺 Some people said that the car emoji🚗 is may inspired by the AITO Wenjie M5, a snazzy high-performance luxury SUV, co-designed by Cyrus Auto and Huawei. What do you think❓

3. Bringing Chinese Transport History to Emoji

Speaking of transportation, emojis like the subway🚇, train🚆, high-speed rail🚝, and airplane✈ in this set aren't just pulled from thin air. They're modeled after real, iconic Chinese transport with both historical and commemorative significance. Think the classic green-skinned trains, and the famous Fuxing and Hexie trains that familiar to every Chinese!

Likewise, the rocket🚀, satellite🛰, and the astronaut emoji👨‍🚀 designs hold a special place in Chinese history. It's a nod to that unforgettable day when China soared into space!

4. Other China related emoji designs

Looking back at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, that was China's debut as an Olympic host. The medal designs from then, which featured "gold inlaid with jade, silver inlaid with jade, and bronze inlaid with jade", have also made a thing in Huawei's emoji world this time🥇🥈🥉.

And that's not all! The Oriental Pearl Tower, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, and Huangshan's iconic Welcoming Pine, all these China-centric landmarks and symbols have found their home in Huawei's emoji lineup too.

🔺 The designs are all very detailed and surprising😮

🔺Can you find more China culture-related emojis?

The world of emojis is like a treasure hunt, and with Huawei's rich cultural influences, who knows what other delightful Easter eggs are tucked away?

Personally, I believe there are more of them, just keep those emoji-sleuthing glasses on and try to find them all out🔍!! (BTW...EmojiAll's emoji sets are also packed with delightful designs and surprises. So, if you're on the hunt for other China-related emoji Easter eggs, maybe you can check our Bubble ver. and Classic ver.)

New Phone Theme With New Emojis!

In HarmonyOS 4, Huawei added a new template to the phone themes called the "趣味心情(Fun Mood)". Users can now customize their themes with up to six emojis to represent their daily moods, offering a more playful emoji interaction experience. For now, this theme only supports some of the yellow face emojis, but who knows? Maybe in the future, other emojis might join the party🤔!

🔺Looks very bouncy and animated in a springy way! Love it!

So there you have it - a peek at the emoji awesomeness coming with Huawei's HarmonyOS 4.0🫣! Huawei really took time to craft emojis that are artistic, culturally relevant, and downright fun to use.

In some sort of conclusion, with these emojis, you can take your messaging to the next level. Your friends and family will get a kick out of the creative new emojis you can drop into any convo. Don't hesitate to update your HarmonyOS and dive into the new emoji collection!