The annual emoji update has arrived as scheduled. On September 6th, the Unicode Consortium officially released the Emoji 15.1 update. The Emoji 15.1 includes 118 new emojis, of which 6 represents new concepts that have not appeared on the current emoji keyboard, 4 are new sequences proposed to optimize the existing 26 family-related emojis, 108 are direction-specifying versions of these six people emojis: 🚶🧎🧑‍🦯🧑‍🦼🧑‍🦽🏃.

All the emojis in Emoji 15.1 are ZWJ sequences - that is, sequences formed by combining multiple emojis with the ZERO WIDTH JOINER. In other words, all the new emojis are created from pre-existing emojis.

Currently, detailed information such as the meaning, usage, and codepoint of each new emoji in Emoji 15.1 has been updated on EmojiAll. Click on the CLDR Short Name of each emoji in the chart below to enter their details page for viewing.

💡:The sample images of each emoji are provided by the Unicode Consortium. What the new emojis will look like on our phones depends on the design of each platform.

Six New Concepts

Category: Smileys & Emotion

Category: Animals & Nature

CLDR Short Name Proposal Sample Image
Phoenix L2/23‑033

Category: Food & Drink

CLDR Short Name Proposal Sample Image
Lime L2/23‑031
Brown Mushroom L2/23-032

Category: Objects

CLDR Short Name Proposal Sample Image
Broken Chain L2/23-036

Four gender-neutral family emoji sequences

Based on the information obtained from the Unicode Consortium, these four sequences are essentially a "redesign" of the existing 26 family emojis. Although the current family emojis encompass a variety of family forms, each design is visually too restrictive, with no ability to change the skin color, gender and age of the characters. For example, none of the 26 emojis can perfectly represent a family of four consisting of grandfather, father, mother, and son.

Therefore, in order to give users more choices when representing their family structures, the Emoji Subcommittee (ESC) proposed designing these four sequences as character silhouettes without any specific appearance features, similar to 👥 or 🫂, to simplify and replace the current 26 family emojis.

Category: People & Body-person symbol

108 Directional Versions of Six People Emojis

Providing more direction options for emojis is a significant reform by the Unicode Consortium this year. This update only provides direction-specifying versions for 🚶🧎🧑‍🦯🧑‍🦼🧑‍🦽🏃, but we believe that this change will be applied to more and more emojis in the future.

Category: People & Body-person activity

Emoji15.1 Update Time

Emoji 15.1 has only been released for less than a month. It's still too early to see them on mobile phones. Based on the update time of major platforms in previous years, they will start adding this batch of emojis to their products from October 2023. Here is an approximate timeline:

The Unicode Consortium has used combinations of existing emojis to add new ones for the third time with Emoji 15.1, following Emoji 12.1 in 2019 and Emoji 13.1 in 2020.This method avoids introducing new code points, thereby saving code space. However, in Emoji 16.0, which will be launched in September 2024, the Unicode Consortium will start creating entirely new emojis based on user proposals. We believe there will be more interesting emojis by then!