Recently, the Chair of the Emoji Subcommittee, Jennifer Daniel, published a blog📃 titled 'New emoji coming at you in 2025'. In the blog, she revealed for the first time the 7 new emojis set to be released in 2025🆕. According to her, in early November, the Unicode Technical Committee held their last meeting of 2023. The meeting discussed and decided that Emoji 16.0 will be updated in 2025, and this update will include the 7 emojis shown in the following image:

Although the number of emojis updated this time is not large, each was decided upon by the Unicode Consortium after comprehensive consideration. According to Jennifer's blog, these emojis either have deep historical roots📚️ or possess a richness of usage adaptable to various contexts. I believe that they will play a significant role in further enhancing the completeness and diversity of the existing emojis.

Introduction to the New Emojis in Emoji 16.0

1.Face with Bags Under Eyes

The moment I saw this emoji, a sense of familiarity overwhelmed me... This is exactly me, who is dead tired every day but still has to go to work!🥹

Nowadays, under the relentless pressures of life that keep emerging, 'tiredness' has become the deepest feeling experienced by many people daily💔. However, in the existing emojis, there aren't many that can accurately convey this feeling. Additionally, this emoji can perfectly represent staying up late, a habit of many people, especially young people. So, maybe this emoji will become a top trend in 2025🤔

2. Fingerprint

Fingerprints are the patterns on the skin of our fingers🖐️. As a symbol of individual uniqueness, the history of fingerprints can be traced back to ancient Babylon around 1000 BC, when people began using fingerprints as signatures. It's estimated that this emoji will often appear in contexts related to identity🆔, security, and privacy in the future.

3. Root Vegetable

In this update, the vegetable emoji family welcomes a new member👏Although this emoji was designed as a radish in the draft, its official name is 'Root Vegetable', so it can broadly represent a range of vegetables whose edible parts are roots or stems.

Actually, the Unicode Consortium often names certain emojis after a category so that they can represent various items within that category. For example, 🥬 is called 'Leafy Green' rather than cabbage or lettuce, and 🌲 is called 'Evergreen Tree' rather than a specific type of tree.

4. Leafless Tree

Leafless trees generally refer to trees that have lost all their leaves due to seasonal changes☀️❄️ or environmental degradation. They usually have a dual meaning, reflecting not only the cyclical changes of nature and seasons but also the deeper cultural significance of life's passing and the passage of time⌛.

This emoji may be used in the future to represent environmental issues, such as seasonal abnormalities caused by climate change, or to symbolically depict the fragility and decline🍂 of life.

5. Harp

The harp is one of the oldest stringed instruments in human history. The earliest harps appeared in ancient Egypt and Sumer and later became widespread in regions such as Asia, the Americas, and Europe. It is not only a symbol of music🎶 but also one of the emblems of Ireland🇮🇪. After Ireland's independence in 1922, the harp pattern began to be used on the Coat of arms of Ireland and the seal of the President of Ireland.

6. Shovel

A shovel is a common tool in our daily lives, but this emoji can also be used as a verb to describe some actions, such as shoveling soil, digging holes, and even attacking someone. Therefore, it will be suitable for use in combination with other emojis, like with 🌲 (Evergreen Tree) to represent 'planting a tree', or with 🕳 (Hole) to signify 'digging a trap'.

7. Splatter

This is the only non-physical object emoji among all the new additions. What is it? You can think of it as a liquid spilled🫗 on the ground, or as a stain splashed on a wall, or even use it to represent the abstract concept of 'bursting'. In any case, this should also be an emoji that provides great scope for everyone's creativity, and I am already looking forward to your imaginative ideas about how to use it!🤩

Emoji16.0 Update Time

Although the plan for the release of new emojis has been announced, the update of Emoji 16.0 will have to wait for some time, as Emoji 15.1, released this year, hasn't been fully updated yet🐌.

As of now, the platforms that have updated to Emoji 15.1 are only Google and Samsung. The following image shows their designs for Emoji 15.1:

According to the usual schedule📅, the Unicode Consortium will officially release Emoji 16.0 in September 2024, and major platforms will start updating new emojis in October 2024, with most completing the update by 2025.

That's all for this blog! Are there any new emojis that you are particularly looking forward to? Or do you already have some creative ideas💡 for using them❓️ Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas in the comments! See you in the next blog!👋

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