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Hey👋! Welcome to the 🏰kingdom of Emoji~ There is a brand new world waiting for you to explore😄! Smileys & emotion is the most used category of all the Emojis. Actually, Emoji can trace back to emoticons like 【^_^】or【:)】, it is a special sign of human emotion. We can use Emojis to infuse tone to electronic messages and web pages, make people feel closeness💕 and make sentences more vivid🥰. Follow us to discover more funnier Emojis☟!

This is the Emoji list page of the main category 😂 Smileys & Emotion. It includes 15 subcategories such as 😄 face-smiling, 😍 face-affection, 😛 face-tongue, 🤔 face-hand, 🤐 face-neutral-skeptical, 😴 face-sleepy, 🤧 face-unwell, 🤠 face-hat, 😎 face-glasses, 😞 face-concerned, 😠 face-negative, 💩 face-costume, 😸 cat-face, 🙈 monkey-face, 💋 emotion. You may click the links below to view the details and copy the Emoji.