🙂‍↕Unicode Information(Advanced Usage)

Emoji: 🙂‍↕ Copy
Meaning: head shaking vertically
Codepoint: U+1F642 200D 2195 Copy
Unicode Version: None
Emoji Version: 15.1 (2023-08-28) New
Type Field:
Qualified Status: 🟠 minimally-qualified
Categories: 😂 Smileys & Emotion
Sub Categories: 🤐 Neutral & Skeptical Face
UTF-8: F09F9982E2808DE28695
Decimal: ALT+128578 ALT+8205 ALT+8597

👨‍💻Basic Information

The Head Shaking Vertically emoji, represented by a combination of a slightly smiling face and an up-and-down arrow (🙂‍↕️), was proposed to capture a universal gesture indicating agreement or affirmation, commonly recognized as a nod. The proposal for this emoji was submitted by Lauren Gawne and Jennifer Daniel on behalf of the Emoji Subcommittee on December 16, 2022. Its inception was driven by the need to represent a basic yet globally understood gesture of nodding, typically signifying 'yes' or agreement, in digital communication. In various cultures, nodding is a non-verbal cue that starts to be understood and used by individuals as early as 13 to 18 months of age. It's a gesture that transcends linguistic and cultural barriers, making it an ideal candidate for an emoji. This emoji was particularly noted for its significance in expressing affirmation in a way that is visually distinct and universally comprehensible, differentiating it from other gestures like thumbs up (👍) or the OK hand sign (👌), which might carry different meanings in different cultures. The emoji’s potential high frequency of use in digital communication was anticipated due to the universal nature of the gesture. Vertical head movements are a fundamental part of human non-verbal communication, used in various contexts from showing agreement to acknowledging something positively. This emoji fills a gap in digital expression, allowing users to convey a nod, which is a natural part of face-to-face communication, in text and online interactions. Moreover, the emoji can be used in various sequences to amplify the meaning of texts, adding a layer of emotional expression and non-verbal nuance to digital conversations. It's also significant in contexts where a simple 'yes' is needed as a response, making conversations more dynamic and expressive. The emoji is unique in its depiction of a commonly understood physical gesture. The design combines a well-known facial emoji with a directional arrow, visually representing the head's vertical movement. This combination brings a new layer of expression to the emoji keyboard, providing users with more nuanced ways to express agreement or affirmation. The proposal highlighted the emoji’s distinctiveness, cultural significance, and the gap it fills in digital communication, leading to its approval and inclusion in the emoji lexicon. The Head Shaking Vertically emoji was thus introduced as a novel way to bridge the gap between physical gestures and digital expression, enriching online communication by bringing a universally recognized human gesture into the realm of text-based interaction.

🙂‍↕Proposal (How was Emoji 🙂‍↕ born?)

The Emoji 🙂‍↕ is derived from proposal L2/23‑035(2023). Below is the detailed content of the proposal, including proposal number, name, from and detailed files. The proposal containing 🙂‍↕ was approved by the Unicode Consortium and released as Emoji version 15.1 in 2023-08-28.

Emoji🙂‍↕Proposal 1

Proposal Number: L2/23‑035
Proposal Name: Head Shaking Vertically Unicode Emoji Proposal
Proposal From: Lauren Gawne, Jennifer Daniel / ESC
Proposal Year: 2023
Proposal Emoji: 1 Emoji: 🙂‍↕️
Proposal File:

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