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This is a list of Emoji whose emoji source is w (Wingdings & Webdings), including Emoji symbol, short name and code point.Clicking on the Emoji and short name link can open the emoji introduction page, view information such as description and example, and you can also copy the emoji with one click to paste it elsewhere. Clicking on the code point link to view the Unicode information page of the Emoji, including high-resolution images and vector pictures provided by multiple vendors.User Guide: What is Emoji Sources

Emoji Symbol Codepoint
⏭ next track button 23ED
⏭︎ next track button 23ED FE0E
⏭️ next track button 23ED FE0F
⏮ last track button 23EE
⏮︎ last track button 23EE FE0E
⏮️ last track button 23EE FE0F
⏸ pause button 23F8
⏸︎ pause button 23F8 FE0E
⏸️ pause button 23F8 FE0F
⏹ stop button 23F9
⏹︎ stop button 23F9 FE0E
⏹️ stop button 23F9 FE0F
⏺ record button 23FA
⏺︎ record button 23FA FE0E
⏺️ record button 23FA FE0F
☪ star and crescent 262A
☪︎ star and crescent 262A FE0E
☪️ star and crescent 262A FE0F
☯ yin yang 262F
☯︎ yin yang 262F FE0E
☯️ yin yang 262F FE0F
☸ wheel of dharma 2638
☸︎ wheel of dharma 2638 FE0E
☸️ wheel of dharma 2638 FE0F
☹ frowning face 2639
☹︎ frowning face 2639 FE0E
☹️ frowning face 2639 FE0F
✝ latin cross 271D
✝︎ latin cross 271D FE0E
✝️ latin cross 271D FE0F
✡ star of David 2721
✡︎ star of David 2721 FE0E
✡️ star of David 2721 FE0F
🌍 globe showing Europe-Africa 1F30D
🌍︎ globe showing Europe-Africa 1F30D FE0E
🌍️ globe showing Europe-Africa 1F30D FE0F
🌎 globe showing Americas 1F30E
🌎︎ globe showing Americas 1F30E FE0E
🌎️ globe showing Americas 1F30E FE0F
🌜 last quarter moon face 1F31C
🌜︎ last quarter moon face 1F31C FE0E
🌜️ last quarter moon face 1F31C FE0F
🌡 thermometer 1F321
🌡︎ thermometer 1F321 FE0E
🌡️ thermometer 1F321 FE0F
🌤 sun behind small cloud 1F324
🌤︎ sun behind small cloud 1F324 FE0E
🌤️ sun behind small cloud 1F324 FE0F
🌥 sun behind large cloud 1F325
🌥︎ sun behind large cloud 1F325 FE0E
🌥️ sun behind large cloud 1F325 FE0F
🌦 sun behind rain cloud 1F326
🌦︎ sun behind rain cloud 1F326 FE0E
🌦️ sun behind rain cloud 1F326 FE0F
🌧 cloud with rain 1F327
🌧︎ cloud with rain 1F327 FE0E
🌧️ cloud with rain 1F327 FE0F
🌨 cloud with snow 1F328
🌨︎ cloud with snow 1F328 FE0E
🌨️ cloud with snow 1F328 FE0F
🌩 cloud with lightning 1F329
🌩︎ cloud with lightning 1F329 FE0E
🌩️ cloud with lightning 1F329 FE0F
🌪 tornado 1F32A
🌪︎ tornado 1F32A FE0E
🌪️ tornado 1F32A FE0F
🌫 fog 1F32B
🌫︎ fog 1F32B FE0E
🌫️ fog 1F32B FE0F
🌬 wind face 1F32C
🌬︎ wind face 1F32C FE0E
🌬️ wind face 1F32C FE0F
🌶 hot pepper 1F336
🌶︎ hot pepper 1F336 FE0E
🌶️ hot pepper 1F336 FE0F
🍽 fork and knife with plate 1F37D
🍽︎ fork and knife with plate 1F37D FE0E
🍽️ fork and knife with plate 1F37D FE0F
🎖 military medal 1F396
🎖︎ military medal 1F396 FE0E
🎖️ military medal 1F396 FE0F
🎗 reminder ribbon 1F397
🎗︎ reminder ribbon 1F397 FE0E
🎗️ reminder ribbon 1F397 FE0F
🎙 studio microphone 1F399
🎙︎ studio microphone 1F399 FE0E
🎙️ studio microphone 1F399 FE0F
🎚 level slider 1F39A
🎚︎ level slider 1F39A FE0E
🎚️ level slider 1F39A FE0F
🎛 control knobs 1F39B
🎛︎ control knobs 1F39B FE0E
🎛️ control knobs 1F39B FE0F
🎞 film frames 1F39E
🎞︎ film frames 1F39E FE0E
🎞️ film frames 1F39E FE0F
🎟 admission tickets 1F39F
🎟︎ admission tickets 1F39F FE0E
🎟️ admission tickets 1F39F FE0F
🏋 person lifting weights 1F3CB