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Emoji Version 3.0 was released in June 2016, and there are totally 169 emojis added in this version.
Maybe is for the Rio Olympics, the Unicode Consortium added emojis of medals🥇 and some sportsman emojis in Emoji 3.0. Except for this, keycap emojis also added in this version.
Emoji 2.0 contains the Emoji symbols below👇:

Clicking on the Emoji and short name link can open the emoji introduction page, view information such as description and example, and you can also copy the emoji with one click to paste it elsewhere. Clicking on the code point link to view the Unicode information page of the Emoji, including high-resolution images and vector pictures provided by multiple vendors.

User Guide: What is Emoji Version

Emoji Symbol Codepoint
#️⃣ keycap: # 0023 FE0F 20E3
*️⃣ keycap: * 002A FE0F 20E3
0️⃣ keycap: 0 0030 FE0F 20E3
1️⃣ keycap: 1 0031 FE0F 20E3
2️⃣ keycap: 2 0032 FE0F 20E3
3️⃣ keycap: 3 0033 FE0F 20E3
4️⃣ keycap: 4 0034 FE0F 20E3
5️⃣ keycap: 5 0035 FE0F 20E3
6️⃣ keycap: 6 0036 FE0F 20E3
7️⃣ keycap: 7 0037 FE0F 20E3
8️⃣ keycap: 8 0038 FE0F 20E3
9️⃣ keycap: 9 0039 FE0F 20E3
🕺 man dancing 1F57A
🕺🏻 man dancing: light skin tone 1F57A 1F3FB
🕺🏼 man dancing: medium-light skin tone 1F57A 1F3FC
🕺🏽 man dancing: medium skin tone 1F57A 1F3FD
🕺🏾 man dancing: medium-dark skin tone 1F57A 1F3FE
🕺🏿 man dancing: dark skin tone 1F57A 1F3FF
🖤 black heart 1F5A4
🛑 stop sign 1F6D1
🛒 shopping cart 1F6D2
🛴 kick scooter 1F6F4
🛵 motor scooter 1F6F5
🛶 canoe 1F6F6
🤙 call me hand 1F919
🤙🏻 call me hand: light skin tone 1F919 1F3FB
🤙🏼 call me hand: medium-light skin tone 1F919 1F3FC
🤙🏽 call me hand: medium skin tone 1F919 1F3FD
🤙🏾 call me hand: medium-dark skin tone 1F919 1F3FE
🤙🏿 call me hand: dark skin tone 1F919 1F3FF
🤚 raised back of hand 1F91A
🤚🏻 raised back of hand: light skin tone 1F91A 1F3FB
🤚🏼 raised back of hand: medium-light skin tone 1F91A 1F3FC
🤚🏽 raised back of hand: medium skin tone 1F91A 1F3FD
🤚🏾 raised back of hand: medium-dark skin tone 1F91A 1F3FE
🤚🏿 raised back of hand: dark skin tone 1F91A 1F3FF
🤛 left-facing fist 1F91B
🤛🏻 left-facing fist: light skin tone 1F91B 1F3FB
🤛🏼 left-facing fist: medium-light skin tone 1F91B 1F3FC
🤛🏽 left-facing fist: medium skin tone 1F91B 1F3FD
🤛🏾 left-facing fist: medium-dark skin tone 1F91B 1F3FE
🤛🏿 left-facing fist: dark skin tone 1F91B 1F3FF
🤜 right-facing fist 1F91C
🤜🏻 right-facing fist: light skin tone 1F91C 1F3FB
🤜🏼 right-facing fist: medium-light skin tone 1F91C 1F3FC
🤜🏽 right-facing fist: medium skin tone 1F91C 1F3FD
🤜🏾 right-facing fist: medium-dark skin tone 1F91C 1F3FE
🤜🏿 right-facing fist: dark skin tone 1F91C 1F3FF
🤝 handshake 1F91D
🤞 crossed fingers 1F91E
🤞🏻 crossed fingers: light skin tone 1F91E 1F3FB
🤞🏼 crossed fingers: medium-light skin tone 1F91E 1F3FC
🤞🏽 crossed fingers: medium skin tone 1F91E 1F3FD
🤞🏾 crossed fingers: medium-dark skin tone 1F91E 1F3FE
🤞🏿 crossed fingers: dark skin tone 1F91E 1F3FF
🤠 cowboy hat face 1F920
🤡 clown face 1F921
🤢 nauseated face 1F922
🤣 rolling on the floor laughing 1F923
🤤 drooling face 1F924
🤥 lying face 1F925
🤦 person facepalming 1F926
🤦🏻 person facepalming: light skin tone 1F926 1F3FB
🤦🏼 person facepalming: medium-light skin tone 1F926 1F3FC
🤦🏽 person facepalming: medium skin tone 1F926 1F3FD
🤦🏾 person facepalming: medium-dark skin tone 1F926 1F3FE
🤦🏿 person facepalming: dark skin tone 1F926 1F3FF
🤧 sneezing face 1F927
🤰 pregnant woman 1F930
🤰🏻 pregnant woman: light skin tone 1F930 1F3FB
🤰🏼 pregnant woman: medium-light skin tone 1F930 1F3FC
🤰🏽 pregnant woman: medium skin tone 1F930 1F3FD
🤰🏾 pregnant woman: medium-dark skin tone 1F930 1F3FE
🤰🏿 pregnant woman: dark skin tone 1F930 1F3FF
🤳 selfie 1F933
🤳🏻 selfie: light skin tone 1F933 1F3FB
🤳🏼 selfie: medium-light skin tone 1F933 1F3FC
🤳🏽 selfie: medium skin tone 1F933 1F3FD
🤳🏾 selfie: medium-dark skin tone 1F933 1F3FE
🤳🏿 selfie: dark skin tone 1F933 1F3FF
🤴 prince 1F934
🤴🏻 prince: light skin tone 1F934 1F3FB
🤴🏼 prince: medium-light skin tone 1F934 1F3FC
🤴🏽 prince: medium skin tone 1F934 1F3FD
🤴🏾 prince: medium-dark skin tone 1F934 1F3FE
🤴🏿 prince: dark skin tone 1F934 1F3FF
🤵 person in tuxedo 1F935
🤵🏻 person in tuxedo: light skin tone 1F935 1F3FB
🤵🏼 person in tuxedo: medium-light skin tone 1F935 1F3FC
🤵🏽 person in tuxedo: medium skin tone 1F935 1F3FD
🤵🏾 person in tuxedo: medium-dark skin tone 1F935 1F3FE
🤵🏿 person in tuxedo: dark skin tone 1F935 1F3FF
🤶 Mrs. Claus 1F936
🤶🏻 Mrs. Claus: light skin tone 1F936 1F3FB
🤶🏼 Mrs. Claus: medium-light skin tone 1F936 1F3FC
🤶🏽 Mrs. Claus: medium skin tone 1F936 1F3FD
🤶🏾 Mrs. Claus: medium-dark skin tone 1F936 1F3FE
🤶🏿 Mrs. Claus: dark skin tone 1F936 1F3FF
🤷 person shrugging 1F937
🤷🏻 person shrugging: light skin tone 1F937 1F3FB
🤷🏼 person shrugging: medium-light skin tone 1F937 1F3FC
🤷🏽 person shrugging: medium skin tone 1F937 1F3FD
🤷🏾 person shrugging: medium-dark skin tone 1F937 1F3FE
🤷🏿 person shrugging: dark skin tone 1F937 1F3FF
🤸 person cartwheeling 1F938
🤸🏻 person cartwheeling: light skin tone 1F938 1F3FB
🤸🏼 person cartwheeling: medium-light skin tone 1F938 1F3FC
🤸🏽 person cartwheeling: medium skin tone 1F938 1F3FD
🤸🏾 person cartwheeling: medium-dark skin tone 1F938 1F3FE
🤸🏿 person cartwheeling: dark skin tone 1F938 1F3FF
🤹 person juggling 1F939
🤹🏻 person juggling: light skin tone 1F939 1F3FB
🤹🏼 person juggling: medium-light skin tone 1F939 1F3FC
🤹🏽 person juggling: medium skin tone 1F939 1F3FD
🤹🏾 person juggling: medium-dark skin tone 1F939 1F3FE
🤹🏿 person juggling: dark skin tone 1F939 1F3FF
🤺 person fencing 1F93A
🤼 people wrestling 1F93C
🤽 person playing water polo 1F93D
🤽🏻 person playing water polo: light skin tone 1F93D 1F3FB
🤽🏼 person playing water polo: medium-light skin tone 1F93D 1F3FC
🤽🏽 person playing water polo: medium skin tone 1F93D 1F3FD
🤽🏾 person playing water polo: medium-dark skin tone 1F93D 1F3FE
🤽🏿 person playing water polo: dark skin tone 1F93D 1F3FF
🤾 person playing handball 1F93E
🤾🏻 person playing handball: light skin tone 1F93E 1F3FB
🤾🏼 person playing handball: medium-light skin tone 1F93E 1F3FC
🤾🏽 person playing handball: medium skin tone 1F93E 1F3FD
🤾🏾 person playing handball: medium-dark skin tone 1F93E 1F3FE
🤾🏿 person playing handball: dark skin tone 1F93E 1F3FF
🥀 wilted flower 1F940
🥁 drum 1F941
🥂 clinking glasses 1F942
🥃 tumbler glass 1F943
🥄 spoon 1F944
🥅 goal net 1F945
🥇 1st place medal 1F947
🥈 2nd place medal 1F948
🥉 3rd place medal 1F949
🥊 boxing glove 1F94A
🥋 martial arts uniform 1F94B
🥐 croissant 1F950
🥑 avocado 1F951
🥒 cucumber 1F952
🥓 bacon 1F953
🥔 potato 1F954
🥕 carrot 1F955
🥖 baguette bread 1F956
🥗 green salad 1F957
🥘 shallow pan of food 1F958
🥙 stuffed flatbread 1F959
🥚 egg 1F95A
🥛 glass of milk 1F95B
🥜 peanuts 1F95C
🥝 kiwi fruit 1F95D
🥞 pancakes 1F95E
🦅 eagle 1F985
🦆 duck 1F986
🦇 bat 1F987
🦈 shark 1F988
🦉 owl 1F989
🦊 fox 1F98A
🦋 butterfly 1F98B
🦌 deer 1F98C
🦍 gorilla 1F98D
🦎 lizard 1F98E
🦏 rhinoceros 1F98F
🦐 shrimp 1F990
🦑 squid 1F991