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Meaning and Description

The small black "TM" is an abbreviation of trademarks , which is a symbol of a trademark. It includes both ®️ registered trademarks and unregistered trademarks that have not been directly registered by the Trademark Office. Unregistered trademarks are not protected by trademark law. Related emojis: ©️ copyright, ®️ registration.

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The meaning of emoji symbol is trade mark, it is related to TM, mark, tm, trademark, it can be found in emoji category: "🛑 Symbols" - "☑️ Other Symbols".

🔸 (2122) There is no Emoji version of this Unicode character, which means that on most mobile phones or computer systems, the character can only be displayed in black and white character style, but in a few good compatibility platforms, it can still display color picture style. The Unicode organization does not yet recommend its use as a universal emoji symbol.

(2122) - unqualified Emoji, See also: ™️ (2122 FE0F) - fully-qualified Emoji.

The current is a basic Emoji without variant symbols, and there are two Emoji variation sequences corresponding to it: ™️ (emoji style, displaying colorful symbols on most new platforms) and ™︎ (text style, displaying black and white symbols on some old platforms).
Wikipedia: Trademark symbol
The trademark symbol, ™, is a symbol to indicate that the preceding mark is a trademark, specifically an unregistered trademark. It complements the registered trademark symbol, ®, which is reserved for trademarks registered with an appropriate government agency.In Canada, an equivalent marque de commerce symbol, 🅪 (U+1F16A) is used in Quebec. Canada also has an Official mark symbol, Ⓜ, to indicate that a name or design used by Canadian public authorities is protected. Some German publications also use a Warenzeichen grapheme, 🄮 (U+1F12E). 🔗 Trademark symbol
🌐: Símbolo de marca de comercio, סמל סימן מסחרי, Simbolo di marchio, 商標マーク, 상표 기호, , Znak TM, 商标符号.

Examples and Usage

🔸 Correct use of : is marked on the right side of the trademark.
🔸 The golden arches trademark was introduced in 1962.

🔸 (2122) + emoji style (FE0F) = ™️ (2122 FE0F)
🔸 (2122) + text style (FE0E) = ™︎ (2122 FE0E)

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Date Range: 2018-11-25 - 2023-11-19
Update Time: 2023-11-24 17:08:36 UTC
and in the last five years, the popularity of this emoji has leveled off.In 2022-11, its popularity showed the biggest increase.In 2019 and 2021, the trend of its popularity converge.

Basic Information

Shortname: trade mark
Known as: ™ TM | ™ Trademark
Codepoint: U+2122 Copy
Shortcode: :tm: Copy
Decimal: ALT+8482
Unicode Version: 1.1 (1993-06)
Emoji Version: None
Categories: 🛑 Symbols
Sub Categories: ☑️ Other Symbols
Keywords: TM | mark | tm | trade mark | trademark

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