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Meaning and Description

is a shogi (Japanese chess) piece, the chess pieces are divided into black or white, this chess piece is BLACK SHOGI PIECE, there are no Chinese characters representing the role of the chess piece. Note that is not an official Emoji, but a usable Unicode character.

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The meaning of emoji symbol is BLACK SHOGI PIECE.

🔸 (2617) There is no Emoji version of this Unicode character, which means that on most mobile phones or computer systems, the character can only be displayed in black and white character style, but in a few good compatibility platforms, it can still display color picture style. The Unicode organization does not yet recommend its use as a universal emoji symbol.

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Wikipedia: Shogi
Shogi (将棋, shōgi, English: , Japanese: [ɕo̞ːŋi] or [ɕo̞ːɡʲi]), also known as Japanese chess or the Game of Generals, is a two-player strategy board game that is the Japanese variant of chess. It is the most popular chess variant in Japan. Shōgi means general's (shō 将) board game (gi 棋). Shogi was the earliest chess variant to allow captured pieces to be returned to the board by the capturing player. This drop rule is speculated to have been invented in the 15th century and possibly connected to the practice of 15th century mercenaries switching loyalties when captured instead of being killed.The earliest predecessor of the game, chaturanga, originated in India in the 6th century, and the game was likely transmitted to Japan via China or Korea sometime after the Nara period. Shogi in its present form was played as early as the 16th century, while a direct ancestor without the drop rule was recorded from 1210 in a historical document Nichūreki, which is an edited copy of Shōchūreki and Kaichūreki from the late Heian period (c. 1120). 🔗 Shogi
🌐: شوغي, Šógi, Shogi, Shōgi, Σόγκι, Shōgi, شوگی, Shōgi, Shōgi, שוגי, Sógi, Sogi, Shōgi, 将棋, 쇼기, Šogis, Shogi, Shogi, Shōgi, Shogi, Shogi, Сёги, Šógi, Shogi, หมากรุกญี่ปุ่น, Şogi, Сьоґі, Shōgi, 日本将棋.

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🔸 According to the current situation, I think will win.
🔸 The usage of is ever-changing and very mysterious.

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Basic Information

Codepoint: U+2617 Copy
Decimal: ALT+9751
Unicode Version: 3.2 (2002-03)
Emoji Version: None
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