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☮︎Meaning and Description

Today, we're cruising down the peaceful lanes of the emoji universe to get acquainted with the "☮︎" emoji, universally recognized as the peace symbol emoji.

This emoji shows a circular outline with a vertical line and two downward branches inside it, forming a stylized representation of a dove🕊 carrying an olive branch. The symbol is usually white and is presented in a purple square🟪, but it can also appear in different colors depending on the platform.

The image of the peace sign has a long and fascinating history. It was originally designed in 1958 by British artist Gerald Holtom for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), a group that opposed the development and use of nuclear weapons💣. Holtom based the design on the semaphore signals for the letters N and D, standing for nuclear disarmament. The symbol quickly spread to other anti-war movements and became a universal sign of peace and protest.

☮︎︎ can express a desire or hope for peace, harmony, and non-violence. It can also be used to show support for pacifism, human rights, social justice⚖️, and environmentalism. It can also convey a positive or optimistic attitude, as well as a sense of calmness and tranquility.

💡Extended reading and popular science

The current ☮︎ is a variant Emoji (text style, displaying black and white symbols on some old platforms), and it has two corresponding Emojis: (basic Emoji without variant symbols) and ☮️ (emoji style, displaying colored symbols on most new platforms). ☮︎ (text style) = (base style) + text style

The meaning of emoji symbol ☮︎ is peace symbol, it is related to peace, it can be found in emoji category: "🛑 Symbols" - "☪️ Religion".

☮︎Examples and Usage

🔸 I hope the world peace ☮︎!
🔸 When there is a conflict between relatives, you can silently send a ☮︎ peace symbol to imply that they should not continue.
🔸 Visit the Nobel Peace Center which showcases the achievements of pioneers in world peace ☮︎.

🔸 ☮︎ (262E FE0E) = (262E) + text style (FE0E)

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☮︎Basic Information

Emoji: ☮︎ (text style)
Shortname: peace symbol
Known as: Peace Sign
Codepoint: U+262E FE0E Copy
Decimal: ALT+9774 ALT+65038
Unicode Version: None
Emoji Version: None
Categories: 🛑 Symbols
Sub Categories: ☪️ Religion
Keywords: peace | peace symbol

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