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“⛈︎” meaning: cloud with lightning and rain Emoji

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⛈︎Meaning and Description

Under a white cloud ☁️ there are six drops of rain 💧 and a flash of lightning ⚡️, which means thunderstorms or rainstorms.
This emoji can be used to describe rain, thunderstorm, bad weather and bad mood. Similar emojis: 🌦🌧🌩🌨

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The current ⛈︎ is a variant Emoji (text style, displaying black and white symbols on some old platforms), and it has two corresponding Emojis: ⛈ (basic Emoji without variant symbols) and ⛈️ (emoji style, displaying colored symbols on most new platforms). ⛈︎ (text style) = (base style) + text style

The meaning of emoji symbol ⛈︎ is cloud with lightning and rain, it is related to cloud, rain, thunder, it can be found in emoji category: "🚌 Travel & Places" - "☂️ sky & weather".

⛈︎Examples and Usage

🔸 The rain in the rainy season comes quickly and violently ⛈︎ which is hard to predict.
🔸 Everyone else did well in the exams, but I failed. There seemed to be a dark cloud floating above my head, lightning and rain ⛈︎.
🔸 An evening thunderstorm⛈︎ suggested that the situation would not be cavok.

🔸 ⛈︎ (26C8 FE0E) = ⛈ (26C8) + text style (FE0E)

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⛈︎Basic Information

Emoji: ⛈︎ (text style)
Shortname: cloud with lightning and rain
Codepoint: U+26C8 FE0E Copy
Decimal: ALT+9928 ALT+65038
Unicode Version: None
Emoji Version: None
Categories: 🚌 Travel & Places
Sub Categories: ☂️ sky & weather
Keywords: cloud | cloud with lightning and rain | rain | thunder

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