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Meaning and Description

The Black Large Square emoji, is designed as a simple, solid black square. Whether you're talking about the color, a formal event, a deep thought, or a mysterious occurrence, the black square emoji is a quick and easy way to convey the concept of 'mystery' or 'elegance.'

The black large square emoji is a multi-faceted symbol that can be used to convey a range of emotions and ideas, often influenced by the context. In formal settings or when discussing high-end fashion, this emoji can signify sophistication, elegance, or formality🤵. It's also commonly used to express feelings of grief, loss, or sadness, especially during times of mourning or hardship🙏.

Aside from the uses above, the black can symbolize mystery, secrecy, or even the unknown. In contexts related to witchcraft or the supernatural, it could denote dark magic or occult practices. Some people use this emoji to infuse their messages with a sense of humor or irony, while others simply use it to indicate that black is their favorite color or as part of their chosen aesthetic. It can even create a digital chessboard with the white square emoji.

💡Extended reading and popular science

The meaning of emoji symbol is black large square, it is related to geometric, square, it can be found in emoji category: "🛑 Symbols" - "⚪️ geometric".

The current is a basic Emoji without variant symbols, and there are two Emoji variation sequences corresponding to it: ⬛️ (emoji style, displaying colorful symbols on most new platforms) and ⬛︎ (text style, displaying black and white symbols on some old platforms).
Wikipedia: Square
In geometry, a square is a regular quadrilateral, which means that it has four equal sides and four equal angles (90-degree angles, or 100-gradian angles or right angles). It can also be defined as a rectangle in which two adjacent sides have equal length. A square with vertices ABCD would be denoted ◻ {\displaystyle \square } ABCD. 🔗 Square
🌐: مربع, Kvadrat, Квадрат, বর্গক্ষেত্র, Kvadrat, Čtverec, Kvadrat, Quadrat, Τετράγωνο, Cuadrado, Ruut, مربع, Neliö (geometria), Carré, ריבוע, वर्गाकार, Kvadrat, Négyzet, Persegi, Quadrato, 正方形, კვადრატი, Шаршы, 정사각형, Kvadratas, Kvadrāts, Segi empat sama, Vierkant (meetkunde), Kvadrat, Kwadrat, Quadrado, Pătrat, Квадрат, Štvorec, Kvadrat (geometrija), Katrori, Квадрат, Kvadrat, รูปสี่เหลี่ยมจัตุรัส, Kare, Квадрат, Hình vuông, 正方形.

Examples and Usage

🔸 Black JK skirtBlack Martin bootsBlack chest bag = I am 🆒girl.

🔸 (2B1B) + emoji style (FE0F) = ⬛️ (2B1B FE0F)
🔸 (2B1B) + text style (FE0E) = ⬛︎ (2B1B FE0E)

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Basic Information

Shortname: black large square
Apple Name: Black Large Square
Codepoint: U+2B1B Copy
Shortcode: :black_large_square: Copy
Decimal: ALT+11035
Unicode Version: 5.1 (2008-04-04)
Emoji Version: 1.0 (2015-06-09)
Categories: 🛑 Symbols
Sub Categories: ⚪️ geometric
Keywords: black large square | geometric | square

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