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Meaning and Description

This is a wavy dash. It is a symbol used to indicate the change of topic or tone, the continuation of sound, etc. It will also be used as "~". Related to it are dashes, wavy lines.

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The meaning of emoji symbol is wavy dash, it is related to dash, punctuation, wavy, it can be found in emoji category: "🛑 Symbols" - " punctuation".

The current is a basic Emoji without variant symbols, and there are two Emoji variation sequences corresponding to it: 〰️ (emoji style, displaying colorful symbols on most new platforms) and 〰︎ (text style, displaying black and white symbols on some old platforms).

🔸 (3030) There is no Emoji version of this Unicode character, which means that on most mobile phones or computer systems, the character can only be displayed in black and white character style, but in a few good compatibility platforms, it can still display color picture style. The Unicode organization does not yet recommend its use as a universal emoji symbol.

(3030) - unqualified Emoji, See also: 〰️ (3030 FE0F) - fully-qualified Emoji.

Wikipedia: Dash
The dash is a punctuation mark that is similar in appearance to the hyphen and minus sign but differs from these symbols in length and, in some fonts, height above the baseline. The most common versions of the dash are the en dash –, longer than the hyphen; the em dash —, longer than the en dash; and the horizontal bar ―, whose length varies across typefaces but tends to be between those of the en and em dashes.Historically, the names of en dash and em dash came from the width of an uppercase N and uppercase M, respectively, in commonly used fonts. 🔗 Dash
🌐: شرطة (علامة), Tire, Тире, Pomlčka, Tankestreg, Gedankenstrich, Διπλή παύλα, Raya (puntuación), Mõttekriips, خط فاصله, Viivamerkit, Tiret, קו מפריד, Crtica (pravopis), Nagykötőjel, Tanda pisah, Lineetta, ダッシュ (記号), Сызықша, 줄표, Domuzīme, Gedachtestreepje, Tankestrek, Pauza i półpauza, Linie de pauză, Тире, Pomlčka, Pomišljaj, Vija, Црта (знак), Tankstreck, ยัติภาค, Çizgi, Тире, Dấu gạch ngang, 连接号.

Examples and Usage

🔸 So, let's look at three sentences, and I underlined the words we're focusing on.

🔸 (3030) + emoji style (FE0F) = 〰️ (3030 FE0F)
🔸 (3030) + text style (FE0E) = 〰︎ (3030 FE0E)

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Basic Information

Shortname: wavy dash
Known as: Wave
Codepoint: U+3030 Copy
Shortcode: :wavy_dash: Copy
Decimal: ALT+12336
Unicode Version: 1.1 (1993-06)
Emoji Version: None
Categories: 🛑 Symbols
Sub Categories: ‼ punctuation
Keywords: dash | punctuation | wavy

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