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🇧🇾Meaning and Description

This is the flag of The Republic of Belarus, with a wide red strip on the half of the flag, a narrow green strip on the bottom, and a red and white vertical strip with ethnic characteristics on the left side of the flag. Red represents the flag of the Belarusian Legion that defeated the invaders, symbolizing the glorious past. Green represents forests and fields, and symbolizes the thriving land and hope for the future. The pattern on the left represents the continuation of the traditional culture and spirit of the nation, and the unity of the people.It displays as BY on some platforms. It generally means Belarus, Belarusian or within Belarus. Its capital is Minsk.
🇧🇾 is the Emoji of a country/region‘s flag, and its meaning is flag: Belarus. The Emoji 🇧🇾 is composed of two regional indicator letters, namely 🇧 and 🇾. The country/region's 2-letter code for Belarus is BY, so the letters corresponding to the two region indicator letters are B and Y. 🇧🇾 is displayed as a whole flag on most platforms and as a two-letter symbol on a few platforms.

💡Extended reading and popular science

🇧🇾 (BY) = 🇧 (B) + 🇾 (Y)

The meaning of emoji symbol 🇧🇾 is flag: Belarus, it is related to flag, it can be found in emoji category: "🏁 Flags" - "🇬🇧 country-flag".

Wikipedia: 🇧🇾 Flag of Belarus
The national flag of Belarus is a red-and-green flag with a white-and-red ornament pattern placed at the hoist (staff) end. The current design was introduced in 2012 by the State Committee for Standardisation of the Republic of Belarus, and is adapted from a design approved in a May 1995 referendum. It is a modification of the 1951 flag used while the country was a republic of the Soviet Union. Changes made to the Soviet-era flag were the removal of communist symbols – the hammer and sickle and the red star – as well as the reversal of the colours in the ornament pattern. Since the 1995 referendum, several flags used by Belarusian government officials and agencies have been modelled on this national flag. This design replaced the historical white-red-white flag used by the Belarusian Democratic Republic in 1918 before Belarus became a Soviet Republic, then by the Belarusian national movement in West Belarus followed by widespread unofficial use during the Nazi occupation of Belarus between 1942 and 1944, and again after it regained its independence in 1991 until the 1995 referendum. Opposition groups have continued to use this flag, though its display in Belarus has been restricted by the government of Belarus, which claims it was linked with Nazi collaboration during World War II. The white-red-white flag has been used in protests against the government, most recently the 2020–21 Belarusian protests, and by the Belarusian diaspora. 🔗 Flag of Belarus
🌐: علم بيلاروسيا, Belarus bayrağı, Национално знаме на Беларус, Zastava Bjelorusije, Běloruská vlajka, Hvideruslands flag, Flagge Weißrusslands, Σημαία της Λευκορωσίας, Bandera de Bielorrusia, Valgevene lipp, پرچم بلاروس, Valko-Venäjän lippu, Drapeau de la Biélorussie, דגל בלארוס, बेलारूस का ध्वज, Zastava Bjelorusije, Fehéroroszország zászlaja, Bendera Belarus, Bandiera della Bielorussia, ベラルーシの国旗, ბელარუსის დროშა, 벨라루스의 국기, Baltarusijos vėliava, Baltkrievijas karogs, Bendera Belarus, Vlag van Wit-Rusland, Hviterusslands flagg, Flaga Białorusi, Bandeira da Bielorrússia, Drapelul Belarusului, Флаг Белоруссии, Vlajka Bieloruska, Flamuri i Bjellorusisë, Застава Белорусије, Belarus flagga, ธงชาติเบลารุส, Belarus bayrağı, Прапор Білорусі, Quốc kỳ Belarus, 白俄罗斯国旗.

🇧🇾Examples and Usage

🔸 Some people 🤯 can’t distinguish between Belarus🇧🇾 and Russia🇷🇺.
Now, the 1986 World Cup champion has moved on to Belarus🇧🇾.

🔸 🇧🇾: Belarus ☎ International Calling Code: +375 🔗 Top-Level Domain: .by

📖Extended Knowledge

Country 🇧🇾 BY - Belarus
Capital City Minsk
Area (sq km) 207,600
Population 9,485,386
Currency BYN - Belarusian ruble
  • be - Belarusian
  • ru - Russian
Continent EU - Europe

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🇧🇾Basic Information

Emoji: 🇧🇾
Shortname: flag: Belarus
Apple Name: flag of Belarus
Known as: Belarusian Flag
Codepoint: U+1F1E7 1F1FE Copy
Decimal: ALT+127463 ALT+127486
Unicode Version: None
Emoji Version: 1.0 (2015-06-09)
Categories: 🏁 Flags
Sub Categories: 🇬🇧 country-flag
Keywords: flag

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