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🇮🇴Meaning and Description

This is the flag of the British Indian Ocean Territory. On the upper left side is the union flag , 🇬🇧 symbolizes the British territory. The blue and white wavy stripes symbolize the Indian Ocean, the palm tree 🌴 and the crown 👑 represent tropical regions and royal family respectively. it
is displayed as IO on some platforms. It generally represents the British Indian Ocean Territory and is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom in the Indian Ocean. Its capital is Diego Garcia Island.
🇮🇴 is the Emoji of a country/region‘s flag, and its meaning is flag: British Indian Ocean Territory. The Emoji 🇮🇴 is composed of two regional indicator letters, namely 🇮 and 🇴. The country/region's 2-letter code for British Indian Ocean Territory is IO, so the letters corresponding to the two region indicator letters are I and O. 🇮🇴 is displayed as a whole flag on most platforms and as a two-letter symbol on a few platforms.

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🇮🇴 (IO) = 🇮 (I) + 🇴 (O)

The meaning of emoji symbol 🇮🇴 is flag: British Indian Ocean Territory, it is related to flag, it can be found in emoji category: "🏁 Flags" - "🇬🇧 country-flag".

Wikipedia: 🇮🇴 Flag of the British Indian Ocean Territory
The flag of the Commissioner of the British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT) is similar to the flags of other British dependencies and colonies as it has the Union Flag in the upper hoist-side corner. The palm tree and crown are symbols of the Indian Ocean Territory. The Flag was intended to be used by the Commissioner but has gained semi-official status as a territorial flag for use on land. 🔗 Flag of the British Indian Ocean Territory
🌐: علم إقليم المحيط الهندي البريطاني, Vlajka Britského indickooceánského území, Flagge des Britischen Territoriums im Indischen Ozean, Σημαία του Βρετανικού Εδάφους Ινδικού Ωκεανού, Bandera del Territorio Británico del Océano Índico, Briti India ookeani ala lipp, پرچم قلمروی اقیانوس هند بریتانیا, Brittiläisen Intian valtameren alueen lippu, Drapeau du Territoire britannique de l'océan Indien, דגל הטריטוריה הבריטית באוקיינוס ההודי, A Brit Indiai-óceáni Terület zászlaja, Bandiera del Territorio britannico dell'Oceano Indiano, イギリス領インド洋地域の旗, 영국령 인도양 지역의 기, Britų teritorijos Indijos vandenyne vėliava, Bendera Wilayah Lautan Hindi British, Vlag van het Brits Indische Oceaanterritorium, Det britiske territoriet i Indiahavets flagg, Flaga Brytyjskiego Terytorium Oceanu Indyjskiego, Bandeira do Território Britânico do Oceano Índico, Флаг Британской Территории в Индийском Океане, Застава Британске територије Индијског океана, Brittiska territoriet i Indiska oceanens flagga, ธงชาติบริติชอินเดียนโอเชียนเทร์ริทอรี, Britanya Hint Okyanusu Toprakları bayrağı, Прапор Британської Території в Індійському Океані, 英屬印度洋領地旗幟.

🇮🇴Examples and Usage

🔸 The British Indian Ocean Territory 🇮🇴 is located in the 🇲🇻 south of Maldives.
🇮🇴 It includes Diego Garcia, whose people, all removed in the 1970s so that the island could be used as an American base, last year lost a legal appeal to be allowed home.

🔸 🇮🇴: British Indian Ocean Territory International Calling Code: +246 🔗 Top-Level Domain: .io

📖Extended Knowledge

Country 🇮🇴 IO - British Indian Ocean Territory
Capital City Diego Garcia
Area (sq km) 60
Population 4,000
Currency USD - Dollar
Languages en-IO
Continent AS - Asia

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🇮🇴Basic Information

Emoji: 🇮🇴
Shortname: flag: British Indian Ocean Territory
Apple Name: flag of the British Indian Ocean Territory
Known as: British Indian Ocean Territory Flag
Codepoint: U+1F1EE 1F1F4 Copy
Decimal: ALT+127470 ALT+127476
Unicode Version: None
Emoji Version: 1.0 (2015-06-09)
Categories: 🏁 Flags
Sub Categories: 🇬🇧 country-flag
Keywords: flag

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