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🌘Meaning and Description

This is a waning moon, appearing from the 24th to the end of the lunar calendar. The moon turned into a golden disk with potholes on its surface, only a small portion of which was 🌞 illuminated by the sun. Most of the right side is black, which is the part that is not illuminated 🔦. The illuminated parts on Whatsapp, Facebook and Emojidex are silver.
In addition to representing the moon, night and outer space, it can also express charming or weird feelings. In the ancient poems of the Middle Ages, poets often gave the waning moon a feeling of sadness and parting.
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💡Extended reading and popular science

The meaning of emoji symbol 🌘 is waning crescent moon, it is related to crescent, moon, waning, it can be found in emoji category: "🚌 Travel & Places" - "☂️ Sky & Weather".

Wikipedia: 🌘 Lunar phase
The lunar phase or Moon phase is the shape of the Moon's directly sunlit portion as viewed from Earth. The lunar phases gradually change over a synodic month (about 29.53 days) as the Moon's orbital positions around Earth and Earth around the Sun shift. The visible side of the moon is variously sunlit, depending on the position of the Moon in its orbit. Thus, this face's sunlit portion can vary from 0% (at new moon) to 100% (at full moon). Each of the four "intermediate" lunar phases (see below) is approximately 7.4 days, with slight variation due to the Moon's orbit's elliptical shape. 🔗 Lunar phase
🌐: دور القمر, Ayın fazaları, Фаза на Луната, চন্দ্রকলা, Měsíční fáze, Månens faser, Mondphase, Fase lunar, Kuu faasid, گام‌های ماه, Kuun vaiheet, Phase de la Lune, מופע הירח, Mjesečeve mijene, Fase bulan, Fasi lunari, 月相, Ай Фазасы, 달의 위상, Mėnulio fazė, Mēness fāze, Fasa bulan, Schijngestalten, Månefase, Faza Księżyca, Fases da Lua, Fazele Lunii, Фазы Луны, Fáza Mesiaca, Lunine mene, Mesečeve mene, Månfas, ดิถี, Ay'ın evreleri, Фази Місяця, Pha Mặt Trăng, 月相.

🌘Examples and Usage

🔸 Sometimes I like to look at the moon 🌘 before going to bed, which can make me feel calm.
🔸 The Wall loomed before them, glimmering palely in the light of the half moon🌘. In the sky above, the stars burned clear and sharp.

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🌘Basic Information

Emoji: 🌘
Shortname: waning crescent moon
Apple Name: waning crescent moon
Codepoint: U+1F318 Copy
Shortcode: :waning_crescent_moon: Copy
Decimal: ALT+127768
Unicode Version: 6.0 (2010-10-11)
Emoji Version: 1.0 (2015-06-09)
Categories: 🚌 Travel & Places
Sub Categories: ☂️ Sky & Weather
Keywords: crescent | moon | waning

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