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🍱Meaning and Description

This emoji shows a neat, compartmentalized box filled with a variety of colorful foods. The box, typically rectangular, is divided into sections, each holding a different type of food, such as rice🍚, vegetables🥬, and a protein like meat 🥩or seafood.

The word bento means "convenient" or "ready-to-eat" in Japanese, and bento boxes are often used as portable meals for work, school, or travel. Bento boxes have a long history in Japan🗾, dating back to the 12th century when people would carry dried rice in bamboo tubes or pouches. Later, during the Edo period (1603–1868), bento boxes became more elaborate and varied, reflecting the social status and preferences of the eaters.

They are usually sold in convenience stores, train stations, supermarkets, and restaurants, as well as made at home🏠 with creativity and care. Bento boxes are also considered a form of art, as some people decorate them with colorful ingredients, cute shapes, and intricate designs.

🍱 is commonly used to represent work meals, food-related topics, or Japanese cuisine specifically. It can be used in a conversation to suggest grabbing a meal, or in the context of meal planning or preparation. It's also often used to express appreciation for Japanese culture or cuisine.
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The meaning of emoji symbol 🍱 is bento box, it is related to bento, box, it can be found in emoji category: "🍓 Food & Drink" - "🍚 Asian Food".

🍱Examples and Usage

🔸 Today, my mother made a lunch box for me. It is really beautiful and delicious. I will make 🍱💖for my mother in the future.
🔸 May I interest you in our bento lunch box🍱?
🔸 From bento boxes🍱 to individually wrapped bananas, plastic reigns supreme in Japan. But amid global concern about single-use waste, new legislation could help end the country's love affair with plastic.

🍱Basic Information

Emoji: 🍱
Shortname: bento box
Apple Name: bento box
Known as: Lunch Box
Codepoint: U+1F371 Copy
Shortcode: :bento: Copy
Decimal: ALT+127857
Unicode Version: 6.0 (2010-10-11)
Emoji Version: 1.0 (2015-06-09)
Categories: 🍓 Food & Drink
Sub Categories: 🍚 Asian Food
Keywords: bento | box
Proposal: L2/07‑257, L2/09‑026

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🍱 Trend Chart (U+1F371) - emojiall.com 100 75 50 25 0 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 🍱 www.emojiall.comemojiall.com

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