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“🍹” meaning: tropical drink, fruit punch Emoji

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🍹Meaning and Description

The emoji🍹 shows a tall glass filled with orange or yellow liquid with ice cubes🧊, a straw, and some decorations on the rim, usually a tiny paper umbrella or a slice of lime🍋 or lemon.

It represents a variety of tropical drink that is popular in warm and sunny places, such as the Caribbean, Hawaii, or Southeast Asia. Some examples of tropical drinks are sangría, mai tai, mojito, daiquiri, and margarita. These drinks are often made with local spirits and fresh tropical fruits.

Primarily, it's used to convey the idea of relaxation, vacation, or celebration. You might see it in posts about beach⛱️ holidays, summer parties, or simply enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon.

It's also commonly used to suggest or invite someone to have a drink or a date. And it can be used to celebrate an achievement or a special occasion.

In a more specific context, it is a way to express the concept of 'tropical', 'exotic', or 'refreshing'. For example, "Just heard the new album, it's a real 🍹, so fresh and vibrant!"
💡Extended reading and popular science

The meaning of emoji symbol 🍹 is tropical drink, it is related to bar, drink, tropical, it can be found in emoji category: "🍓 Food & Drink" - "☕ Drink".

🍹Examples and Usage

🔸 🌴 🌴 🌴 🌴 🌴 🌴 🌴 🌴
🔸 🌴Welcome to Summer 🍹🌊🌴
🔸 🌴 🌴 🌴 🌴 🌴 🌴 🌴 🌴
🔸 So, it is time for the second drink, tropical sunrise margarita🍹 and writing this blog as well as posting two funning pictures on college blog.

🍹Basic Information

Emoji: 🍹
Shortname: tropical drink
Apple Name: tropical drink
Known as: Fruit Punch | Tiki Drink
Codepoint: U+1F379 Copy
Shortcode: :tropical_drink: Copy
Decimal: ALT+127865
Unicode Version: 6.0 (2010-10-11)
Emoji Version: 1.0 (2015-06-09)
Categories: 🍓 Food & Drink
Sub Categories: ☕ Drink
Keywords: bar | drink | tropical
Proposal: L2/07‑257, L2/09‑026

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🍹 Trend Chart (U+1F379) - emojiall.com 100 75 50 25 0 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 🍹 www.emojiall.comemojiall.com
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