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🎄Meaning and Description

This is a Christmas tree. It is full of starry decorations and shining lights on 🌲 (an evergreen tree). There is a small golden star on the top of the tree. It represents an important element of Christmas, the Christmas tree, and it is more commonly used to represent Christmas.

💡Extended reading and popular science

The meaning of emoji symbol 🎄 is Christmas tree, it is related to celebration, Christmas, tree, it can be found in emoji category: "⚽ Activities" - "🎈 event".

Wikipedia: 🎄 Christmas tree
A Christmas tree is a decorated tree, usually an evergreen conifer, such as a spruce, pine, or fir, or an artificial tree of similar appearance, associated with the celebration of Christmas, originating in Germany associated with Saint Boniface. The custom was developed in medieval Livonia (present-day Estonia and Latvia), and in early modern Germany where German Protestant Christians brought decorated trees into their homes. It acquired popularity beyond the Lutheran areas of Germany and the Baltic governorates during the second half of the 19th century, at first among the upper classes.The tree was traditionally decorated with "roses made of colored paper, apples, wafers, tinsel, [and] sweetmeats". Moravian Christians began to illuminate Christmas trees with candles, which were ultimately replaced by Christmas lights after the advent of electrification. Today, there is a wide variety of traditional and modern ornaments, such as garlands, baubles, tinsel, and candy canes. An angel or star might be placed at the top of the tree to represent the Angel Gabriel or the Star of Bethlehem, respectively, from the Nativity. Edible items such as gingerbread, chocolate, and other sweets are also popular and are tied to or hung from the tree's branches with ribbons. The Catholic Church had long resisted this custom of the Lutheran Church and the Vatican Christmas tree stood for the first time in Vatican City in 1982.In the Western Christian tradition, Christmas trees are variously erected on days such as the first day of Advent or even as late as Christmas Eve depending on the country; customs of the same faith hold that the two traditional days when Christmas decorations, such as the Christmas tree, are removed are Twelfth Night and, if they are not taken down on that day, Candlemas, the latter of which ends the Christmas-Epiphany season in some denominations.The Christmas tree is sometimes compared with the "Yule-tree", especially in discussions of its folkloric origins. 🔗 Christmas tree
🌐: شجرة عيد الميلاد, Milad ağacı, Коледна елха, Vánoční stromek, Juletræ, Weihnachtsbaum, Δένδρο των Χριστουγέννων, Árbol de Navidad, Jõulupuu, درخت کریسمس, Joulukuusi, Sapin de Noël, עץ חג המולד, क्रिस्मस ट्री, Božićno drvce, Karácsonyfa, Pohon Natal, Albero di Natale, クリスマスツリー, საშობაო ნაძვის ხე, Жаңа жылдық шырша, 크리스마스 트리, Kalėdų eglutė, Ziemassvētku egle, Pokok Krismas, Kerstboom, Juletre, Choinka, Árvore de Natal, Pom de Crăciun, Рождественская ёлка, Vianočný stromček, Pema e vitit të ri, Новогодишње дрво, Julgran, ต้นคริสต์มาส, Noel ağacı, Ялинка, Cây Giáng Sinh, 圣诞树.

🎄Examples and Usage

🔸 Every time Christmas is approaching, some shopping malls will have beautiful 🎄 Christmas trees and many people will take photos. I am no exception, haha.
🔸 And so recycling means Christmas trees are not just for Christmas🎄.

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🎄Basic Information

Emoji: 🎄
Shortname: Christmas tree
Apple Name: Christmas tree
Known as: Christmas | Xmas Tree
Codepoint: U+1F384 Copy
Shortcode: :christmas_tree: Copy
Decimal: ALT+127876
Unicode Version: 6.0 (2010-10-11)
Emoji Version: 1.0 (2015-06-09)
Categories: ⚽ Activities
Sub Categories: 🎈 event
Keywords: celebration | Christmas | tree

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