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🏧Meaning and Description

The "🏧" emoji, also known as the ATM Sign emoji, featuring a blue or purple square sign with the letters "ATM" in white, symbolizing the presence of an Automated Teller Machine(ATM).

The ATM emoji, is a digital shorthand frequently used in conversations revolving around banking transactions💱. Whether it's withdrawing cash, depositing funds, or simply checking an account balance, this emoji serves as an effective symbol for various financial activities. It can even suggest a need for money, hinting that the user might be running low on cash or needs to make a pit-stop at an ATM🏦.

Beyond immediate banking actions, the ATM emoji finds a home in broader discussions about personal finance, banking, and effective money management. A somewhat irony and humorous use of the emoji might also see it referring to a person being used as a monetary source, painting a picture of relationships dictated by cash🙍.

So, the next time you're discussing banking, money, or just need to express the idea of accessibility and convenience, why not use the "🏧" emoji? It's a simple, powerful way to add a touch of practicality to your digital conversations.!

💡Extended reading and popular science

The meaning of emoji symbol 🏧 is ATM sign, it is related to ATM, atm, automated, bank, teller, it can be found in emoji category: "🛑 Symbols" - "🚻 transport-sign".

Wikipedia: 🏧 Automated teller machine
An automated teller machine (ATM) or cash machine (in British English) is an electronic telecommunications device that enables customers of financial institutions to perform financial transactions, such as cash withdrawals, deposits, funds transfers, or account information inquiries, at any time and without the need for direct interaction with bank staff. ATMs are known by a variety of names, including automatic teller machine (ATM) in the United States (sometimes redundantly as "ATM machine"). In Canada, the term automated banking machine (ABM) is also used, although ATM is also very commonly used in Canada, with many Canadian organizations using ATM over ABM. In British English, the terms cashpoint, cash machine, cashline and hole in the wall are most widely used. Other terms include any time money, cashline, tyme machine, cash dispenser, cash corner, bankomat, or bancomat. Many ATMs have a sign above them indicating the name of the bank or organisation that owns the ATM, and possibly including the networks to which it can connect. ATMs that are not operated by a financial institution are known as "white-label" ATMs. Using an ATM, customers can access their bank deposit or credit accounts in order to make a variety of financial transactions, most notably cash withdrawals and balance checking, as well as transferring credit to and from mobile phones. ATMs can also be used to withdraw cash in a foreign country. If the currency being withdrawn from the ATM is different from that in which the bank account is denominated, the money will be converted at the financial institution's exchange rate. Customers are typically identified by inserting a plastic ATM card (or some other acceptable payment card) into the ATM, with authentication being by the customer entering a personal identification number (PIN), which must match the PIN stored in the chip on the card (if the card is so equipped), or in the issuing financial institution's database. According to the ATM Industry Association (ATMIA), as of 2015, there were close to 3.5 million ATMs installed worldwide. However, the use of ATMs is gradually declining with the increase in cashless payment systems. 🔗 Automated teller machine
🌐: صراف آلي, Bankomat, Банкомат, অটোমেটেড টেলার মেশিন (এটিএম), Bankomat, Pengeautomat, Geldautomat, Μηχάνημα αυτόματης ανάληψης, Cajero automático, Pangaautomaat, خودپرداز, Pankkiautomaatti, Guichet automatique bancaire, כספומט, स्वचालित गणक मशीन, Bankomat, Bankautomata, Anjungan tunai mandiri, Sportello automatico, 現金自動預け払い機, Банкомат, 현금 자동 입출금기, Bankomatas, Bankas automāts, Mesin juruwang automatik, အလိုအလျောက် ပိုက်ဆံထုတ်စက်, Geldautomaat, Minibank, Bankomat, Caixa eletrônico, Bancomat, Банкомат, Bankomat, Bankomat, Automated Teller Machines, Банкомат, Uttagsautomat, ATM (makine), Банкомат, Máy rút tiền tự động, 自動櫃員機.

🏧Examples and Usage

🔸 It costs a lot of money to buy new furniture recently. Tomorrow you can accompany me to the ATM to withdraw the money 🏧 .
🔸 Right this way. This is the cupcake ATM 🏧. The cupcake ATM is very simple.

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🏧Basic Information

Emoji: 🏧
Shortname: ATM sign
Apple Name: ATM sign
Known as: ATM
Codepoint: U+1F3E7 Copy
Shortcode: :atm: Copy
Decimal: ALT+127975
Unicode Version: 6.0 (2010-10-11)
Emoji Version: 1.0 (2015-06-09)
Categories: 🛑 Symbols
Sub Categories: 🚻 transport-sign
Keywords: ATM | ATM sign | atm | automated | bank | teller

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