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👱🏽‍♀️Meaning and Description

Introducing the "👱🏽‍♀️" (Woman: Blond Hair) emoji, an engaging symbol that represents a woman with blond hair! This emoji depicts a female figure with a round face, friendly eyes, a small nose, a pleasant smile, and the biggest feature of this emoji: wheat-like blond hair.

This is a ZWJ (Zero Width Joiner) sequence, masterfully merging a blond person emoji with a female symbol (👱+♀) to craft a shiny emoji. The skin tone of this is customizable, adding an element of diversity and inclusivity.

The woman with blond hair emoji typically symbolizes a woman with blond hair, it's often used in contexts related to hairstyles, hair colors, or to denote a blond-haired person in conversation. 👱🏽‍♀️ can also symbolize light-heartedness, fun, and a certain youthful energy often associated with the stereotype of blond hair.

In the landscape of everyday conversation and social media, the "👱🏽‍♀️" emoji could be used to denote a blond friend in a chat, to express a desire to dye one's hair blond💈, or to accompany a post about a favorite blond celebrity. In a subtler context, the emoji could also be used to denote having a fun, carefree time—leaning into the 'blondes have more fun' stereotype🤗.

The male counterpart of this emoji is the "👱", and it also has the genderless version of "👱". So, whether you're talking about a blonde friend, a favorite blonde celebrity, or your own hair transformation, the "👱🏽‍♀️" emoji offers a fun and expressive way to do so!

💡Extended reading and popular science

👱🏽‍♀️ (woman: medium skin tone, blond hair) = 👱🏽 (person: medium skin tone, blond hair) + ♀️ (female sign)
👱🏽‍♀️ (woman: medium skin tone, blond hair) = 👱‍♀️ (woman: blond hair) + 🏽 (medium skin tone)
👱🏽‍♀️ (emoji style) = 👱‍♀️ (no style) + emoji style

The meaning of emoji symbol 👱🏽‍♀️ is woman: medium skin tone, blond hair, it is related to blond hair, blond-haired woman, blonde, hair, medium skin tone, woman, woman: blond hair, it can be found in emoji category: "👌 People & Body" - "👦 person".

👱🏽‍♀️ is a zero-width joiner sequence, which is formed by combining 1 ZWJ zero width joiner and 2 individual Emoji. These individual Emojis are: 👱🏽 (person: medium skin tone, blond hair), ♀️ (female sign). The new Emoji formed is displayed as a single Emoji: 👱🏽‍♀️ on some platforms with good compatibility, but it may also be displayed as multiple Emojis put together: 👱🏽♀️ on some platforms with poor compatibility.

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👱🏽‍♀️Basic Information

Emoji: 👱🏽‍♀️
Shortname: woman: medium skin tone, blond hair
Codepoint: U+1F471 1F3FD 200D 2640 FE0F Copy
Decimal: ALT+128113 ALT+127997 ALT+8205 ALT+9792 ALT+65039
Unicode Version: None
Emoji Version: 4.0 (2016-11-22)
Categories: 👌 People & Body
Sub Categories: 👦 person
Keywords: blond hair | blond-haired woman | blonde | hair | medium skin tone | woman | woman: blond hair

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👱🏽‍♀️More Languages

Language Short Name & Link
Chinese, Simplified👱🏽‍♀️ 女人:中等肤色,金色的头发
Albanian👱🏽‍♀️ grua bionde: nuancë lëkure zeshkane
Arabic👱🏽‍♀️ امرأة شقراء: بشرة بلون معتدل
Azerbaijani👱🏽‍♀️ sarışın qadın: orta dəri tonu
Bengali👱🏽‍♀️ মহিলা: মাঝারি ত্বকের রঙ, স্বর্ণকেশী
Bosnian👱🏽‍♀️ žena s plavom kosom: umjerena boja kože
Bulgarian👱🏽‍♀️ блондинка: средна на цвят кожа
Burmese👱🏽‍♀️ အမျိုးသမီး- ရွှေရောင်ဆံကေသာရှိသူ − အသားလတ်ရောင်
Chinese, Traditional👱🏽‍♀️ 女人:中等膚色,金色的頭發
Croatian👱🏽‍♀️ plavokosa žena: maslinasta boja kože