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📯” meaning: postal horn, bugle Emoji

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📯Meaning and Description

Say hi to the "Postal Horn" emoji 📯, a nod to the rich history of communication and the evolution of the postal service.

The 📯 emoji features a round brass horn with two red tassels on it. Some versions might show intricate details and a more realistic look, while others present a more stylized, abstract representation. The color typically ranges from golden to brass, reflecting the horn's classic appearance.

Basically, the 📯 emoji represents the instrument, or used to symbolize announcements and news. It's sometimes also employed in contexts related to music, particularly classical and historical music, where brass horns were commonly used.

On social media, The postal horn emoji mainly represents communication and mail, reflecting its historical use by postal services to announce mail delivery. It symbolizes mail, postal services🏤, or general communication. Additionally, it signifies announcements or fanfare, often indicating important updates, exciting events, or a celebratory atmosphere🎉. During the holiday season, especially in Europe, this emoji is frequently associated with Christmas🎄 or winter celebrations, tying back to traditional postal customs. On some occasions, it may also represent victory, achievement, or a call to action.

💡Picture this: 16th century Europe, a dusty road, and a bumpy coach rocking its way through the countryside. Inside, a driver with lungs of leather bellows out tunes on a shiny, curvy horn. That's the postal horn's grand entrance! It wasn't just making noise, though. It was a megaphone for the road, clearing the way for the royal mail and announcing, "Move over, slowpokes, important letters coming through!"
💡Extended reading and popular science

The meaning of emoji symbol 📯 is postal horn, it is related to horn, post, postal, it can be found in emoji category: " Objects" - "📢 Sound".

📯Examples and Usage

🔸 📯 Postal horns are very important musical instruments in ancient Europe. People will quickly avoid them when they hear the sound of the postal horns to prevent traffic accidents.
🔸 I think horns📯 are romantic since I watched How I Met Your Mom.

📯Basic Information

Emoji: 📯
Shortname: postal horn
Apple Name: postal horn
Known as: Bugle | French Horn
Codepoint: U+1F4EF Copy
Shortcode: :postal_horn: Copy
Decimal: ALT+128239
Unicode Version: 6.0 (2010-10-11)
Emoji Version: 1.0 (2015-06-09)
Categories: ⌚ Objects
Sub Categories: 📢 Sound
Keywords: horn | post | postal
Proposal: L2/09‑114

👨‍💻Unicode Information (Advanced Usage)

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📯 Trend Chart (U+1F4EF) - emojiall.com 100 75 50 25 0 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 📯 www.emojiall.comemojiall.com

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📯More Languages

Language Short Name & Link
Arabic📯 جرس بريد
Bulgarian📯 пощенски рог
Chinese, Simplified📯 邮号
Chinese, Traditional📯 郵件通知
Croatian📯 poštanski rog
Czech📯 poštovní roh
Danish📯 posthorn
Dutch📯 posthoorn
Filipino📯 post horn
Finnish📯 postitorvi
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