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📻” meaning: radio, digital radio Emoji

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📻Meaning and Description

This is a radio. It has antennas, speakers, adjustment buttons, and display panels. Its color and style varies by platform. It generally means radio, and it can also mean broadcast, music, and news. Since the use of radios is becoming less and less, it can also express a sense of retro and nostalgia.

💡Extended reading and popular science

The meaning of emoji symbol 📻 is radio, it is related to video, it can be found in emoji category: " Objects" - "🎵 music".

The current 📻 is a basic Emoji without variant symbols, and there are two Emoji variation sequences corresponding to it: 📻️ (emoji style, displaying colorful symbols on most new platforms) and 📻︎ (text style, displaying black and white symbols on some old platforms).
Wikipedia: 📻 Radio receiver
In radio communications, a radio receiver, also known as a receiver, a wireless or simply a radio, is an electronic device that receives radio waves and converts the information carried by them to a usable form. It is used with an antenna. The antenna intercepts radio waves (electromagnetic waves) and converts them to tiny alternating currents which are applied to the receiver, and the receiver extracts the desired information. The receiver uses electronic filters to separate the desired radio frequency signal from all the other signals picked up by the antenna, an electronic amplifier to increase the power of the signal for further processing, and finally recovers the desired information through demodulation. Radio receivers are essential components of all systems that use radio. The information produced by the receiver may be in the form of sound, moving images (television), or digital data. A radio receiver may be a separate piece of electronic equipment, or an electronic circuit within another device. The most familiar type of radio receiver for most people is a broadcast radio receiver, which reproduces sound transmitted by radio broadcasting stations, historically the first mass-market radio application. A broadcast receiver is commonly called a "radio". However radio receivers are very widely used in other areas of modern technology, in televisions, cell phones, wireless modems and other components of communications, remote control, and wireless networking systems. 🔗 Radio receiver
🌐: مستقبل لاسلكي, Радиоприемник, Rádiový přijímač, Radiomodtager, Empfangsgerät, Radio (receptor), Raadiovastuvõtja, گیرنده رادیو, Radiovastaanotin, Récepteur radio, מקלט רדיו, रेडियो संग्राही, Radioprijamnik, Rádió-vevőkészülék, Radio (apparecchio), 受信機, Кәсіби радиоқабылдағыштар, 수신기, Radijo imtuvas, Radiouztvērējs, Radio-ontvanger, Radioodbiornik, Radiorreceptor, Radioreceptor, Радиоприёмник, Rozhlasový prijímač, Radijski sprejemnik, Радио-пријемник, Receiver, เครื่องรับวิทยุ, Radyo alıcısı, Радіоприймач, Máy thu thanh, 无线电接收机.

📻Examples and Usage

🔸 When I was a kid, I didn't have a smartphone 📱, and my grandmother and I went to bed every night listening to the radio 📻 to sleep, I really miss that.
🔸 Traditionally, vast numbers of Africans relied on radios📻 to keep informed.

🔸 📻 (1F4FB) + emoji style (FE0F) = 📻️ (1F4FB FE0F)
🔸 📻 (1F4FB) + text style (FE0E) = 📻︎ (1F4FB FE0E)

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📻Basic Information

Emoji: 📻
Shortname: radio
Apple Name: radio
Known as: Digital Radio | Wireless
Codepoint: U+1F4FB Copy
Shortcode: :radio: Copy
Decimal: ALT+128251
Unicode Version: 6.0 (2010-10-11)
Emoji Version: 1.0 (2015-06-09)
Categories: ⌚ Objects
Sub Categories: 🎵 music
Keywords: radio | video

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📻More Languages

Language Short Name & Link
German📻 Radio
Korean📻 라디오
Russian📻 радио
Italian📻 radio
Japanese📻 ラジオ
Chinese, Traditional📻 收音機
Indonesian📻 radio
Spanish📻 radio
Chinese, Simplified📻 收音机
Arabic📻 راديو