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“😀” meaning: grinning face, happy face Emoji

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😀Meaning and Description

A round, sunshine-yellow face with a wide, contagious smile that showcases a full set of dazzling pearly whites🦷. Although its appearance may vary slightly across platforms, this emoji's warm, happy essence remains the same.

This emoji finds its roots in the iconic smiley face, first designed in 1963 by Harvey Ball, an American graphic artist. It is based on the emoticon ":)", which was used to express happiness or friendliness in text messages and online chats. The emoticon was created by typing a colon and a closing parenthesis on a keyboard, which resembled a smiling face when tilted sideways.

When it comes to expressing sheer delight or sharing a light-hearted moment, this emoji is your go-to! It can be used to share happy news, celebrate achievements🎉, or simply add a cheerful touch to everyday conversations.

But, it's not limited to just that — 😀 also excels in conveying sarcasm, light-hearted teasing, and diffusing tension. When you want to add a sarcastic or ironic tone to a message, use this emoji to signal your intent. For light-hearted teasing among friends, this emoji sets a jovial tone that indicates the comment is not meant to be taken seriously. In situations where a conversation might become tense or awkward, this emoji can help lighten the mood and ease any discomfort.

💡Extended reading and popular science

The meaning of emoji symbol 😀 is grinning face, it is related to face, grin, it can be found in emoji category: "😂 Smileys & Emotion" - "😄 face-smiling".

Wikipedia: 😀 Smile
A smile is formed primarily by flexing the muscles at the sides of the mouth. Some smiles include a contraction of the muscles at the corner of the eyes, an action known as a Duchenne smile. Among humans, a smile expresses pleasure, sociability, happiness, joy or amusement. It is distinct from a similar but usually involuntary expression of anxiety known as a grimace. Although cross-cultural studies have shown that smiling is a means of communication throughout the world, there are large differences among different cultures, religions and societies, with some using smiles to convey confusion or embarrassment. 🔗 Smile
🌐: ابتسامة, Усмивка, হাসি, Úsměv, Lächeln, Sonrisa, Naeratus, لبخند, Hymy, Sourire, חיוך, मुस्कुराहट, Osmijeh, Mosoly, Senyum, Sorriso, 微笑み, ღიმილი, 미소, Senyum, Glimlach, Smil, Uśmiech, Riso, Zâmbet, Улыбка, Osmeh, Leende, Tebessüm, Усмішка, 微笑.

😀Examples and Usage

🔸 Thank you.😀
🔸 Maybe my sunglasses don’t suit me.
🔸 😀They make me look like a nerd.
🔸 Happy striker = happy boss😀

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Date Range: 2018-09-23 - 2023-09-17
Update Time: 2023-09-21 17:07:41 UTC
😀and in the last five years, the popularity of this emoji has continued to rise.In 2021 and 2022, the trend of its popularity converge.In 2019, the trend of its popularity rate began to rise.

😀Basic Information

Emoji: 😀
Shortname: grinning face
Apple Name: grinning face
Known as: Happy Face | Smiley Face
Codepoint: U+1F600 Copy
Shortcode: :grinning: Copy
Decimal: ALT+128512
Unicode Version: 6.1 (2012-01-31)
Emoji Version: 1.0 (2015-06-09)
Categories: 😂 Smileys & Emotion
Sub Categories: 😄 face-smiling
Keywords: face | grin | grinning face

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