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“😮‍💨” meaning: face exhaling Emoji

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😮‍💨Meaning and Description

This emoji is a ZWJ sequence, meaning it is composed of two emojis that are joined by a zero-width joiner: the "😮" emoji, which represents a face with a frown, and the "💨" emoji, which represents a puff of air.

Though its overall look is consistent across platforms, you may notice slight design variations on different platforms. On platforms like Apple's iOS and Facebook, the emoji is designed with an "O"-shaped mouth and looks like it is blowing, while platforms like Google's Android and Microsoft display the emoji with a slightly downturned mouth, which could potentially suggest a hint of disappointment or dismay.

It usually conveys a sense of exhaling, blowing, or sighing. It can express a range of emotions or feelings, such as relief, frustration, disappointment, boredom, or sadness. It can also represent people's breath in winter, vaping or smoking🚬
💡Extended reading and popular science

😮‍💨 (face exhaling) = 😮 (face with open mouth) + 💨 (dashing away)

The meaning of emoji symbol 😮‍💨 is face exhaling, it is related to exhale, gasp, groan, relief, whisper, whistle, ios 14.5, it can be found in emoji category: "😂 Smileys & Emotion" - "🤐 Neutral & Skeptical Face".

😮‍💨 is a zero-width joiner sequence, which is formed by combining 1 ZWJ zero width joiner and 2 individual Emoji. These individual Emojis are: 😮 (face with open mouth), 💨 (dashing away). The new Emoji formed is displayed as a single Emoji: 😮‍💨 on some platforms with good compatibility, but it may also be displayed as multiple Emojis put together: 😮💨 on some platforms with poor compatibility.

😮‍💨Examples and Usage

🔸 It was really a relief to be able to talk to someone about my problem😮‍💨. Thx❤
🔸 I don’t think I’ve ever dated someone funnier than my first crush😮‍💨.
🔸 😮‍💨 = 😮 + 💨

😮‍💨Basic Information

Emoji: 😮‍💨
Shortname: face exhaling
Codepoint: U+1F62E 200D 1F4A8 Copy
Decimal: ALT+128558 ALT+8205 ALT+128168
Unicode Version: None
Emoji Version: 13.1 (2020-09-15) New
Categories: 😂 Smileys & Emotion
Sub Categories: 🤐 Neutral & Skeptical Face
Keywords: exhale | face exhaling | gasp | groan | relief | whisper | whistle | ios 14.5
Proposal: L2/20‑066

👨‍💻Unicode Information (Advanced Usage)

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😮‍💨 Trend Chart (U+1F62E 200D 1F4A8) - emojiall.com 100 75 50 25 0 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 😮‍💨 www.emojiall.comemojiall.com
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