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🙇🏻Meaning and Description

The "🙇🏻" (Person Bowing) emoji, is a symbol that has added a sense of humility, respect, and submission to countless digital conversations. This emoji is often depicted facing forward and is shown with their upper body bending forward at the waist, hands placed on the sides or together in front of them. The attire of the figure can vary across platforms, but the universal gesture of bowing remains consistent, making it a widely recognized symbol of apology and respect.

Here's the lowdown on bowing 🙇🏻 - it's this super old-school act that's showing respect or saying "thanks". It's a big deal in places like Japan, China, and Korea, where you can do it standing up or on your knees. The deeper you bow, the more respect you're showing, and it all depends on who you're bowing to and why. But it's not just about people - in some religions, bowing is a way to show your devotion. Back in the day, it was also a way to show the emperor👑 or some big-shot feudal lord that you were their loyal subject.

At its most literal, the "🙇🏻" emoji represents a person bowing deeply, conveying respect, gratitude, or a sense of apology. It's frequently used in discussions about cultural customs or practices, reflecting the real-life gesture of bowing. The emoji can be also interpreted as a sign of feeling sorry or ashamed. However, this emoji may have other meanings on social media. These can include connotations of being submissive or obedient, feeling stressed or overwhelmed😖, or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol🍺.

Besides its default neutral skin tone, you can change it up with diverse skin-tone choices. And yes, there are female "🙇🏻‍♀" and male "🙇🏻‍♂" versions too!

💡Extended reading and popular science

🙇🏻 (person bowing: light skin tone) = 🙇 (person bowing) + 🏻 (light skin tone)

The meaning of emoji symbol 🙇🏻 is person bowing: light skin tone, it is related to apology, bow, gesture, light skin tone, person bowing, sorry, it can be found in emoji category: "👌 People & Body" - "🙋 person-gesture".

🙇🏻 is an Emoji modifier sequence, which is composed of two emojis, namely: 🙇 (Emoji modifier base) and 🏻 (Emoji modifier). There are 5 types of skin tone Emoji modifiers, namely: 🏻, 🏼, 🏽, 🏾, 🏿. 🙇 can be combined with these skin tone Emoji modifiers to form a new Emoji sequence, the following are examples of the combination:

🙇🏻Examples and Usage

🔸 I am really sorry, we are wrong🙇🏻🙇🏻.
🔸 The symphony conductor took a ceremonious bow🙇🏻.

🔸 🙇🏻 = 🙇 + 🏻

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🙇🏻Basic Information

Emoji: 🙇🏻
Shortname: person bowing: light skin tone
Codepoint: U+1F647 1F3FB Copy
Decimal: ALT+128583 ALT+127995
Unicode Version: None
Emoji Version: 2.0 (2015-11-12)
Categories: 👌 People & Body
Sub Categories: 🙋 person-gesture
Keywords: apology | bow | gesture | light skin tone | person bowing | sorry

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