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“🚶” meaning: person walking, walker Emoji

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🚶Meaning and Description

Say hi to the "🚶" (Person Walking) emoji, fondly known as the "Walker", it is a simple yet dynamic depiction of a person walking. The figure, gender-neutral in its design, is typically shown mid-stride, dressed in pants and a shirt, signifying the universal act of walking.

The Person Walking Emoji is typically used to symbolize walking, movement, or travel. It's a great way to express the act of going somewhere, starting a journey, or leading a healthy lifestyle involving regular walks.

The "🚶" emoji serves to signify that someone is traversing by foot or taking pleasure in a leisurely walk. This emoji can indicate someone is going in a certain direction or leaving a certain place. It can also depict the idea of advancement or movement. In some cases, individuals might use it to subtly convey that they're busy or juggling many tasks.

Adding to its versatility, the Pedestrian Emoji comes with gendered counterparts – the "🚶‍♀️" (Woman Walking) and the "🚶‍♂️" (Man Walking). These variations maintain the same general meanings but provide an option for gender-specific representation.

💡Extended reading and popular science

The meaning of emoji symbol 🚶 is person walking, it is related to hike, walk, walking, it can be found in emoji category: "👌 People & Body" - "🏃 person-activity".

🚶 is an Emoji modifier base, it can be used as a single Emoji, and can also be combined with the skin tone Emoji modifier to form a new Emoji. There are 5 types of Emoji modifiers, namely: 🏻, 🏼, 🏽, 🏾, 🏿. 🚶 is combined with these skin tone Emoji modifiers to form new Emoji modifier sequences. The following are examples of the combination:
Wikipedia: 🚶 Pedestrian
A pedestrian is a person travelling on foot, whether walking or running. In modern times, the term usually refers to someone walking on a road or pavement, but this was not the case historically.The meaning of pedestrian is displayed with the morphemes ped- ('foot') and -ian ('characteristic of'). This word is derived from the Latin term pedester ('going on foot') and was first used (in English language) during the 18th century. It was originally used, and can still be used today, as an adjective meaning plain or dull. However, in this article it takes on its noun form and refers to someone who walks. The word pedestrian may have been used in middle French in the Recueil des Croniques et Anchiennes Istories de la Grant Bretaigne, à présent nommé Engleterre.In California the definition of a pedestrian has been broadened to include anyone on any human powered vehicle that is not a bicycle, as well as people operating self-propelled wheelchairs by reason of physical disability. In some communities, those travelling using tiny wheels such as roller skates, skateboards, and scooters, as well as wheelchair users are also included as pedestrians. 🔗 Pedestrian
🌐: مشاة, Piyada, Пешеходец, পথচারী, Chodec, Fodgænger, Fußverkehr, Peatón, Jalakäija, عابر پیاده, Jalankulkija, Piéton, הולך רגל, Pješak, Pejalan kaki, Pedone (codice della strada), 歩行者, 보행자, Pejalan kaki, Voetganger, Pieszy, Pedestre, Pieton, Пешеход, Pešec, Пешак, Fotgängare, Yaya, Пішохід, 行人.

🚶Examples and Usage

🔸 🚶Sorry, I'm crossing the road and I’ll call you back later 📞.
🔸 After supper walk, live to be ninety-nine🚶.

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🚶Basic Information

Emoji: 🚶
Shortname: person walking
Apple Name: pedestrian
Known as: Walker
Codepoint: U+1F6B6 Copy
Shortcode: :walking: Copy
Decimal: ALT+128694
Unicode Version: 6.0 (2010-10-11)
Emoji Version: 1.0 (2015-06-09)
Categories: 👌 People & Body
Sub Categories: 🏃 person-activity
Keywords: hike | person walking | walk | walking

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