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🛒Meaning and Description

This is a shopping cart with grid metal baskets, handles, and wheels. Its color varies by different platforms. It also means shopping, supermarket 🏬, and grocery shopping🥬. It is often used with shopping bags 🛍 .

💡Extended reading and popular science

The meaning of emoji symbol 🛒 is shopping cart, it is related to cart, shopping, trolley, it can be found in emoji category: "⌚ Objects" - "🚽 household".

Wikipedia: 🛒 Shopping cart
A shopping cart (American English) or trolley (British English), also known by a variety of other names, is a wheeled cart supplied by a shop or store, especially supermarkets, for use by customers inside the premises for transport of merchandise as they move around the premises, while shopping, prior to heading to the checkout counter, cashiers or tills. Increasing the amount of goods a shopper can collect increases the quantities they are likely to purchase in a single trip, boosting store profitability. In many cases customers can then also use the cart to transport their purchased goods to their vehicles, but some carts are designed to prevent them from leaving either the store or the designated parking area by magnetically locking the wheels. In many places in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, customers are encouraged to leave the carts in designated areas within the parking lot, and store employees will return the carts to the entrances. In some areas locking mechanisms are installed that are released by inserting coins or tokens are provided to encourage shoppers to return the carts to designated areas after use, at which time they get their coin or token back. Studies have shown that it is advisable for shoppers to sanitize the handles and basket areas prior to handling them or filling them with groceries due to high levels of bacteria that typically live on shopping carts. This is due to the carts having a high level of exposure to the skin flora of previous users. 🔗 Shopping cart
🌐: عربة التسوق, Nákupní vozík, Indkøbsvogn, Einkaufswagen, Carrito, Ostoskärryt, Chariot de supermarché, עגלת קניות, Keranjang belanja, Carrello della spesa, ショッピングカート, 쇼핑카트, Winkelwagen, Handlevogn, Wózek sklepowy, Carrinho de supermercado, Тележка для покупок, Nákupný vozík, Колица за куповину, Kundvagn, Alışveriş arabası.

🛒Examples and Usage

🔸 🇺🇸New York's Fifth Avenue is a woman's shopping paradise.🛒🛍
🔸 Picture Spotless Scrub ads on the side of every mother's shopping cart🛒. -Interesting.

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🛒Basic Information

Emoji: 🛒
Shortname: shopping cart
Apple Name: shopping cart
Codepoint: U+1F6D2 Copy
Decimal: ALT+128722
Unicode Version: 9.0 (2016-06-03)
Emoji Version: 3.0 (2016-06-03)
Categories: ⌚ Objects
Sub Categories: 🚽 household
Keywords: cart | shopping | trolley

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