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🛞Meaning and Description

This emoji 🛞 depicts a circular wheel. Most platforms design it as a realistic car wheel with a black tire and a silver rim, while a few have it as a wooden tire, like those used in ancient carriages.

The wheel is one of the oldest and most important inventions in human history. They were used for transportation, such as chariots, carts, and wagons. The invention of the wheel enabled people to travel faster and farther, and also facilitated trade and communication.

🛞 is generally used to refer to wheels or tires in discussion about tires, rims, or vehicle maintenance. It can also be used in reference to anything with wheels, from cars🚗 to bicycles🚲.

Also, it can be used to express the idea of turning, spinning, or rotating. It can even serve as a symbol of movement, progress, or change.

Moreover, you might see it in idiomatic expressions that involve wheels, such as "third wheel", "wheel of fortune", "reinvent the wheel", or "hell on wheels".

💡Extended reading and popular science

The meaning of emoji symbol 🛞 is wheel, it is related to circle, tire, turn, it can be found in emoji category: "🚌 Travel & Places" - "⛽ transport-ground".

🛞Examples and Usage

🔸 I couldn't drive my car because it suddenly had a flat tire. 😢🛞
🔸 Tires🛞 are a major source of microplastic pollution.

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🛞Basic Information

Emoji: 🛞
Shortname: wheel
Codepoint: U+1F6DE Copy
Decimal: ALT+128734
Unicode Version: 14.0 (2021-09-14) New
Emoji Version: 14.0 (2021-09-14) New
Categories: 🚌 Travel & Places
Sub Categories: ⛽ transport-ground
Keywords: circle | tire | turn | wheel

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