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“🤛” meaning: left-facing fist, left fist bump Emoji

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🤛Meaning and Description

The "Left-Facing Fist" emoji (🤛), is a dynamic symbol that evokes a sense of strength, action, and energy🔥! This emoji features a left-facing clenched fist, as if poised to throw a punch or engage in a friendly fist bump. The design of the 🤛 can vary across platforms, and to make the emoji more inclusive and reflective of individuality, it is available in various skin tone options.

The fist bump emoji 🤛 is a popular way to express friendship, support, or excitement in everyday chat and on social media. You can use it to represent a fist bump (e.g., “Let’s do this 🤜🤛”), a greeting between friends or teammates, or to show strength, determination, or defiance. The emoji can be a great way to express agreement or enthusiasm for something, celebrate a shared achievement, or offer encouragement to someone. By using the 🤛 emoji, you can convey your emotions and support for others quickly and effectively in digital interactions.

💡Extended reading and popular science

The meaning of emoji symbol 🤛 is left-facing fist, it is related to fist, leftwards, it can be found in emoji category: "👌 People & Body" - "👍 Fisted Hand".

🤛 is an Emoji modifier base, it can be used as a single Emoji, and can also be combined with the skin tone Emoji modifier to form a new Emoji. There are 5 types of Emoji modifiers, namely: 🏻, 🏼, 🏽, 🏾, 🏿. 🤛 is combined with these skin tone Emoji modifiers to form new Emoji modifier sequences. The following are examples of the combination:
Wikipedia: 🤛 Fist
A fist is a hand when the fingers are bent in towards the palm and held there tightly. To make or clench a fist is to fold the fingers tightly into the center of the palm and then to clamp the thumb over the middle phalanges; in contrast to this "closed" fist, one keeps the fist "open" by holding the thumb against the side of the index finger. One uses the closed fist to punch the lower phalanges against a surface, or to pound with the little-finger side of the hand's heel; one uses the open fist to knock with the middle knuckle of the middle finger. 🔗 Fist
🌐: Puño, مشت, Nyrkki, 拳, 주먹, Vuist (hand), Knyttneve, Песница, Knytnäve, Yumruk, Кулак (рука), Nắm đấm, 拳.

🤛Examples and Usage

🔸 When you and your teammates are angry for the next game, you can say this,"Come on, bro! We can achieve anything 🤜 🤛!"
🔸 There is no need to explain between brothers 🤜 🤛.

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🤛Basic Information

Emoji: 🤛
Shortname: left-facing fist
Apple Name: left-facing fist
Known as: Left Fist Bump
Codepoint: U+1F91B Copy
Decimal: ALT+129307
Unicode Version: 9.0 (2016-06-03)
Emoji Version: 3.0 (2016-06-03)
Categories: 👌 People & Body
Sub Categories: 👍 Fisted Hand
Keywords: fist | left-facing fist | leftwards

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  • 🤜✨🤛fantastic team work

  • ++ Add