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“🥈” meaning: 2nd place medal, silver medal Emoji

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🥈Meaning and Description

A silver round medal is engraved with the number 2️⃣, and a red, white and blue ribbon is hung above it. It is a silver medal, which symbolizes winning the runner-up in games, competitions, and competitions. Sometimes people also use it to indicate the second in the rankings of game levels, professional ratings, sales, and achievements. Related emojis 🥇🥉.

💡Extended reading and popular science

The meaning of emoji symbol 🥈 is 2nd place medal, it is related to medal, second, silver, it can be found in emoji category: "⚽ Activities" - "🏅 award-medal".

Wikipedia: 🥈 Silver medal
A silver medal in sports and other similar areas involving competition is a medal made of, or plated with, silver awarded to the second-place finisher, or runner-up, of contests or competitions such as the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, etc. The outright winner receives a gold medal and the third place a bronze medal. More generally, silver is traditionally a metal sometimes used for all types of high-quality medals, including artistic ones. 🔗 Silver medal
🌐: ميدالية فضية, Gümüş medal, রৌপ্যপদক, Silbermedaille, Medalla de plata, Hõbemedal, مدال نقره, Hopeamitali, Médaille d'argent, रजत पदक, Medali perak, Medaglia d'argento, 銀メダル, 은메달, Sudraba medaļa, Medalha de prata, Серебряная медаль, Srebrna medalja, Silvermedalj, Gümüş madalya, 银牌.

🥈Examples and Usage

🔸 "In the 200m freestyle final of the 2019 Gwangju World Swimming Championships, Chinese player Sun Yang won the championship 🥇, Japanese player Katsumoto Matsumoto won the runner-up 🥈, Russian player Ma Liujing and the United Kingdom Player Scott tied for third place 🥉.
🔸 At the end of the year summary, the team leader said in the group, "This year our team’s turnover is the company-wide 🥈Everyone has worked hard💦Next year, we will continue to work hard and be the champion🥇 b>!"

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🥈Basic Information

Emoji: 🥈
Shortname: 2nd place medal
Apple Name: silver medal
Known as: Silver Medal
Codepoint: U+1F948 Copy
Decimal: ALT+129352
Unicode Version: 9.0 (2016-06-03)
Emoji Version: 3.0 (2016-06-03)
Categories: ⚽ Activities
Sub Categories: 🏅 award-medal
Keywords: 2nd place medal | medal | second | silver

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